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  • Pay Last updated by rocky: 22-Oct-2017

    Wouldn't 14k a year be a bit low for a HGV class 2 driver? I've applied to 3 posts and I'm in the process with one of them, but I think the pay is a bit low...

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    • It normally varies depending on the company and the area, but I think you can easily expect 16k to start. I wouldn't think there can be that big a difference.

      06-Jun-2017 Reply to Royce
      • I've seen jobs for 14k...

        06-Jun-2017 Reply to Astor
    • Personally I wouldn't get out of bed for that kind of money I'm currently earning in the region of 28 31k a year top figure is based on a bit of overtime each week

      22-Oct-2017 Reply to rocky
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