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    After 20 years working as mental support worker I’d like to get some professional training. I lost my job a couple of months ago and I hear that with the amount of qualified people available nowadays I may find it difficult to get work again.

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    • But surely your experience should be a good introductory letter, at least this is what I’d expect if it was me.

      20-Jul-2017 Reply to Marian
      • So do I, I hope that my experience counts and it doesn’t all come down to a piece of paper. All the same, I would like to play it safe and get some formal training.. for the sake of being able to produce it at interviews.

        20-Jul-2017 Reply to Cynthia
        • As far as I know, if you have experience you can apply for a secondment and take a part-time degree.

          21-Jul-2017 Reply to Carl
          • Yes, I have to investigate what options I have.

    • I’d also investigate what options there are to get state funding for course fees and also for living expenses.

      24-Jul-2017 Reply to Carl
      • Will do, thanks. I’d say if there’s anything I’ll be able to find it in the nhs page.

        24-Jul-2017 Reply to Cynthia
        • for sure

          24-Jul-2017 Reply to Carl
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