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  • driver Last updated by Mandy: 02-Jun-2017 View last comments

    I'm trying to get a part time job as a driver, but I'm not being successful. Can somebody give me some hints?

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    • Have you any experience driving for others?

      31-May-2017 Reply to Julius
      • I've had a license for 4 years now.

        31-May-2017 Reply to Mandy
        • But have you any professional experience as a driver?

          31-May-2017 Reply to Julius
          • Strictly speaking no, though I've been driving my mum back and forth from the hospital for nearly a year now and this has given me a great sense of how the roads and traffic work at busy times as well as of the importance of punctuality.

    • That’s good, but probably not enough to get a job. I’d say continue trying and at the same time take some course that helps you get a job more comfortably. I’m thinking in terms of a taxi, is that what you’ve got in mind?

      02-Jun-2017 Reply to Julius
      • yep

        02-Jun-2017 Reply to Mandy
        • You need to have had a driver’s license for 3 years, so you’re ok there. You’ll also need to take a taxi driver theory and practical test.

          02-Jun-2017 Reply to Julius
          • Thanks. I didn’t realise I needed a specific license for a taxi, I thought it was just for busses, lorries and the rest. OK I’ll get down to it.. thanks!

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  • My dream job Last updated by Eddy: 12-Oct-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is one that would involve being with animals.

      06-Oct-2015 Reply to Judith Pendlebury
    • My ideal job is two 10 hour shifts hgv class 1 driving Doncaster area

      12-Oct-2015 Reply to Eddy
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