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  • Manager Last updated by Emma: 12-Jun-2017

    I’m finding it difficult to get a part time hr manager position. I’ve been checking for openings and I’m having a tough time finding any, it’s as if they don’t exist!

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    • That’s strange, there are plenty of positions out there. Where are you looking?

      09-Jun-2017 Reply to Cara
      • In Thorne…

        09-Jun-2017 Reply to Emma
        • And are you looking outside Thorne as well?

          12-Jun-2017 Reply to Cara
          • Well, just in the immediacies, I want to have a short journey home, I have a baby …

    • Maybe if you should open up to places a bit further away. Are there no bigish cities around? Because what you say is odd, I’ve seen plenty of part time hr positions advertised…

      12-Jun-2017 Reply to Cara
      • I’ve tried, maybe I’ll try Doncaster, which is big and not that far away in the end of the day. Thanks for your input.

        12-Jun-2017 Reply to Emma
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