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  • Company culture Last updated by Yvonne Baseley: 21-Mar-2017

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value a company that considers you as a person and not a commodity.That genuinely listens to what you have to say and even acts on it. Also one that tells you the truth and does not change your hours on a whim.

      29-Oct-2015 Reply to Isabella
    • I care and respect the people I work with and so would like to feel the same feelings back.

      21-Mar-2017 Reply to Yvonne Baseley
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  • My dream job Last updated by Yvonne Baseley: 21-Mar-2017

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is working afternoons and / or early evenings.

      11-Apr-2016 Reply to Tina Feest
    • My ideal job is an Airline Pilot

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Ifra
    • My ideal job is working with animals

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Wendy Welland
    • I have worked in the agedcare/dementia sector for 20+yrs and also in the office, my ideal job would be as a p/t receptionist anything to do with care, especially receptionist in a councellor/psychologist office. Thank you..

      21-Mar-2017 Reply to Yvonne Baseley
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  • Receptionist Last updated by Kimberley Thornton: 21-Mar-2017

    I'm looking for a Receptionist role 2 evenings per week.

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    • A 17 year old who is going to be 18years old by the end of the year, who is searching for a path time job that can help her to finish 6th form

      08-Nov-2016 Reply to Melisa Holness
    • What would this position be doing and where is it, I have many years experience within the Reception role and look forward to hearing from you
      Regards Kimberley

      21-Mar-2017 Reply to Kimberley Thornton
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  • Receptionist 18-Mar-2017

    I am a gp Receptionist for over 5 years. Ihave just completed a level 2 business administration course. looking for part time work as a gp or hospital. I use the emis website system. Docman. Need job that motivates and keeps me busy . Also an employer who encourages there staff to enhance on there knowledge.

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  • can receptionists use fitness club for free? 19-May-2016

    My friend told me that I can try part time job as receptionist in the fitness club she goes to. She told me that they are looking for somebody. How do you think will they let me use gym for free? If yes I think it is a good idea, because I will work half a day and then I can take advantage and go to the gym and then go home.

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  • What schedule is typical for hotel receptionists? 12-May-2016

    I want to become a receptionist in the hotel. What schedule do they usually have? And if you work at night can you sleep?

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