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This is a highly professional role that involves a great deal of skill and knowledge of a particular market. The regional manager of a company is the employee delegated to head the branch, product or service in a particular geographical region, often with the expectation for the brand to grow. This position therefore carries with it a great deal of responsibility
Regional managers are usually in charge of a large workforce, incorporating many different branches of offices. They are therefore the first port of call if something goes wrong, so must know the business inside-out. It is essential that the job holder commands authority but is also approachable
Regional managers usually require a degree (preferable in business), so some positions can be gained by working up through company ranks. Additional management courses are usually required on a regular basis through employment. While many in this position are paid bonuses and commission, the average wage is approximately £40,000 a year.


Assisting the company to achieve its goals and objectives by region is the responsibility of a Regional Manager. These managers assist recruitment efforts by assessing each prospective staff and assigning them in the best possible locations. Managers also oversee consultants, and sales staff.
Regional Managers work to improve productivity, customer relations and service, and surpassing regional goals. To do this, managers coordinate with, mentor and motivate sales leaders and branch managers. They conduct store and site visits to assess the conditions and recommend changes. Managers also do periodic performance evaluations to ensure that their team is on the right path to achieving their goals.
The responsibilities of a Regional Manager include:
•  Visiting store locations
•  Working with store managers
•  Assessing the productivity and achievements of the stores
•  Recommending changes
•  Mentoring employees
•  Implementing and enforcing company regulations
•  Planning and coordinate sales training sessions
•  Recruiting, interviewing and dismissing employees
•  Reviewing measures to achieve performance targets
•  Attending conferences, events and meetings
•  Leading by example
•  Preparing, reviewing and reporting on budgets and expenditure
•  Negotiating contracts and deals
In this job, managers may work long hours or shifts. They work out of an office but do travel to sites and branch offices. They receive travel, uniform and meal allowance, as well as other employee benefits. Remuneration for Regional Managers may include commissions and bonuses.


• Supervisory skills
• Strategic planning
• Meeting deadlines
• Following regulations
• Customer service
• Quality and goal orientation
• Communication and listening
• Public speaking
• Staff assessment and motivation
• Numeric reporting
• Resilience and professionalism
• Negotiating and Networking
• Mentoring and training
• Technology skills
• Telephone skills
• Team collaboration and leadership
• Forecasting and project management
• Prioritization


Regional Managers require at least a first degree from a Business related course. They should also have prior working and managerial experience. Having a good record of accomplishment as a recruitment manager is also valuable to attaining a job as a Regional Manager. Employers offer internal training on the products and services offered by the company.
Other valuable certifications include Advanced Diploma in Sales Management, Certificate in Professional Sales Management Practice, Level 5 Diploma in Sales and Account Management and Diploma in Strategic Sales. NVQ Level 3 to 5 qualifications are also recommended.

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