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Shop Managers are responsible for the day to day management of stores and the effective supervision and management of the employees. They are also responsible for maintaining productivity, the tracking of stock and the balancing of books. Another part of this role is the management of a budget
Excellent communications skills are vital in this job, as are interpersonal skills. Knowledge of the merchandise or services the store offers is also essential, as it s strong IT competency in relevant applications. Attention to personal appearance is also important as managers are expected to look smart and presentable as they are representing the company to the public
The average salary for this role is £19,000 per year. The successful applicant will be required to have previous experience in a supervisory role. Formal educational qualifications above and beyond basic GCSEs are not necessary if good experience is shown, but it is beneficial for applicants to have a business or retail management qualification.


Managing a shop or store, the staff and the day to day activities, is the responsibility of a Shop Manager. They carry out responsibilities that may include training, recruiting, project management and stock taking.
A Shop Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Handling sales matters
•  Recruiting staff
•  Keeping the store in line with Health and Safety regulations
•  Managing the shops security policies
•  Proposing and implementing promotions and specials
•  Developing marketing strategies
•  Doing merchandising
•  Maintaining the budgets and expenditure
•  Attending sales meetings
•  Keeping abreast of stocks and merchandise levels


• Being able to effectively lead teams
• Being able to manage stressful situations
• Being flexible
• Being able to maximise customer satisfaction
• Being able to communicate effectively
• Being able to work with numeric data and statistics
• Being focused and motivated
• Being able to mentor employees
• Being proactive
• Being able to network with other industry professionals
• Being able to use the computer
• Being professional and amenable at all times


Having a Bachelors or Masters Degree helps job seekers in getting a position in Shop Management. Shop Managers tend to have good qualifications, but they are also extremely knowledgeable about sales and retail management. HNC, HND, or GCSE qualifications are also accepted by employers. Areas of study may include Retail Management, Marketing, Sales Management, Business Administration, and Strategic Management.

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