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A retail manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of stores and among their key accountabilities is developing profitable performance by motivating staff. Employees in this position have input regarding store merchandise and layout. They have decision-making responsibilities concerning everyday trading issues and may be required to assist with the opening new stores
Duties include developing teams that perform their jobs effectively to meet customers’ needs. This job requires managing sales and store activity as well as driving service and ensuring that standards are upheld. Retail managers are responsible for assessing financial and administrative processes in the store
Applicants should have experience in retail stores and managerial familiarity is preferable. Candidates should understand trends and be efficient with visual merchandising. Practical problem-solving skills are necessary and interpersonal skills are essential to deal with recruiting, training and developing staff. Employers may request applicants to have a City & Guilds diploma in retail management or another relevant qualification.
Salaries are in the range of £45,000 to £50,000 per year, and this can include benefits such as pension and bonus.


Retail managers have a daily task of supervising or overseeing retail stores or outlets. Their concern is mainly focused on the management of sales, stock, employees or staff as well as resources. Usually, the type of retail outlets that employ retail managers are chain, DIY and department stores.
The typical duties of retail managers include:
• Supervising stock control and pricing,
• Hitting sales targets and maximizing profitability,
• Planning,
• Budget management,
• Recruiting, training, appraising and supervising staff,
• Keep business and statistical records,
• Marketing and promoting the business,
• Resolving customer complaints and queries,
• Setup promotional displays and materials, and
• Make sure that the business is in compliance with safety and health regulations.
The responsibilities of a retail manager all boils down to maximizing profit while keeping costs at bay.
Aside from ensuring the accuracy of promotions and whether they are at par with company standards, oftentimes retail managers may also have to deal with human resources, logistics, customer service, information technology as well as finance.
From time to time retail managers will see a pattern emerge, whether profits are soaring or plummeting. Either way, retail managers should always be aware of what the competition is up to and always look for ways to improve sales as well as efficiency.
Retail managers render an average of 35 to 40 hours of work per week and might even work on weekends and evenings as well, depending on the outlet’s opening hours.
Records of the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics show that retail managers have the highest employment levels in general merchandise stores, grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, and building material and supplies outlets.


In order to succeed, retail managers must have the following skills:
• The ability to lead and motivate a team,
• A strong commitment to customer service,
• Commercial acumen,
• Good in math,
• IT skills,
• Confidence, drive and enthusiasm,
• The ability to work under pressure and deal with challenging situations,
• The ability to delegate,
• Takes the initiative, especially when it comes to dealing with custormers,
• Sound business sense,
• Ability to prioritize and multitask,
• Great eye for detail,
• “People” skills,
• Decision-making ability and a sense of responsibility,
• The ability to comprehend and analyze sales figures,
• Understanding of retail laws, security, and health and safety,
• Verbal and written communication skills, and
• Ability to project a suitable image to the public


To become a retail manager, having a degree in any profession will suffice. However, additional skills and knowledge in areas like fashion and textiles, and languages would clearly be an advantage in certain sectors. Degree holders in business or management are also at an advantage.
Competence in math is a must. And computer or IT literacy is of course a great advantage. There are instances where one can get promoted to manager or supervisor after enough experience as sales assistant in the same company has been gained. However, coming from a different background with an entirely different kind of management experience from another industry may also be an advantage.
Some large retail chain stores offer a management training program where one can apply directly as a trainee manager. Another way to becoming a retail manager is through an apprenticeship scheme. The availability of such a program will of course depend on the job market in your area as well as the skills employers require.
Many retail degrees are dubbed as “sandwich courses” since they include a year of actual work so you can gain the necessary experience. Larger organizations on the other hand have a training program that lasts for the duration of your retail career.
The key to becoming a retail manager is actual work experience in a retail outlet, according to the Occupational Information Network. A retail manager may begin as salesperson, a job that usually requires applicants to be at least high school graduates.

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