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Baking various breads and pastries is work which suits those with an interest in the food industry in general and ambitions of running their own bakery after gaining experience. Simple kitchen practices are required as a starting point, with many vocational colleges offering elementary food hygiene courses covering industry standards. Unsocial hours may be an element of the job as in small bakeries the product is generally required first thing in the morning and large commercial bakeries run 24/7 supplying supermarkets and hotels on a daily basis with employees working shifts as a result.
Employer requirements for the job include personal cleanliness, basic food handling and food preparation certification along with the appropriate health and safety knowledge. Working with a team and according to specific instructions by supervisors is essential, as is attention to details, especially when working in a small company. Wages for this job at entry-level are normally calculated on an hourly basis, on or slightly over the national minimum rate up to around £8 per hour.


Preparing pastries, cakes, breads, and other baked goods is the responsibility of a Baker. These professionals may work bakeries, plants, or in a small business setting like a home. Those who work in factories tend to use a variety of machinery such as slicers, wrappers, mixers, glazers etc. They may fill positions as senior or management staff overseeing other bakers.
In store Bakers must ensure they supply fresh goods, for their customers. Some bakers may have a speciality like in making cakes, especially for weddings or parties. This can be a very creative and demanding job; requiring them to work long hours and weekends, on their feet. To maintain health and safety regulations, Bakers must wear face masks, gloves, and protective clothing and coverings for their hair.
A Baker usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Buying and preparing ingredients
• Measuring portions
• Packaging baked products
• Stocking and preserving products
• Using baking equipment
• Serving cakes, breads and other baked goods


• Adaptability and efficiency
• Baking, cooking and measuring
• Being creative and artistic
• Being physically resilient
• Being sociable and honest
• Handling stress and disappointments
• Ordering and stocking supplies
• Organisation and patience
• Reading and understanding written instructions
• Teamwork and safety
• Using machines and equipment


Many students leave high school and go directly into training to become Bakers. They may have prior certification in Math, English or Food related subjects. Certifying bodies such as the NVQ, SVQ, GCSE, HND, HNC and SQA have Food, Baking and beverage courses that may range at different levels starting at level 1.
There are also apprentice opportunities as well which will allow apprentices to learn from more experienced Bakers. Here there is the opportunity to earn while you learn. Courses being offered for individuals interested in Baking include:
•    Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations
•    Pastry Chefs and Patissiers
•    Cake Decoration
•    Wired Sugar Flowers
•    Food Science & Manufacturing Technology
•    Food Manufacture
•    Creative Techniques
•    Multi-Skilled Hospitality Services
•    Baking Technology Management

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