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There are many different jobs available for job-seekers wanting to work in the hotel industry. Working closely with customers, using clear communication and efficient problem-solving skills, are key attributes associated with most positions in the industry. Some of the main jobs available in hotels include front desk clerk, room service, customer relations officer, and food and beverage and manager.
Skills required in the hotel industry depend on the area worked in. However, skills required throughout the industry include impeccable customer service, efficient communication, sound problem-solving, an ability to learn quickly and willingness to work odd hours
For management positions, several years’ experience in the hotel industry is an absolute must, especially when it comes to applying for jobs with large hotel chains. Most entry level jobs do not require a bachelor’s degree, but having a certificate in hospitality will help applicants. Jobs in the industry can range in salary, from £12,000 per annum for entry level jobs to £100,000 plus for higher management roles.


There are many different functions within a Hotel. As this essentially takes care of all the needs a guest might have in one place; various skills are needed to do so. From working in the kitchen as cooks, chefs, waiters, servers, or washers; to being on the housekeeping staff as cleaners, or supervisors; everyone adds to making a Hotel experience great and relaxing for guests.
From the front door, to the front desk, the room, the restaurant or even by the pool; service must always be impeccable. Even when staff has to work late or long hours; they must maintain courtesy, flexibility and warmth to guests. The salary and benefits are good and also the opportunity for job promotion.
A Hotel professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Greeting and taking care of guests
• Taking messages and distributing mail
• Training and mentoring staff
• Cleaning rooms and emptying trash
• Checking in and checking out guests
• Assigning tasks and scheduling staff


• Leadership and motivation
• Numeracy and literacy
• Being diplomatic and courteous
• Stress management and creativity
• Being adaptable and level headed
• Organisation and self motivation
• Being assertive and respectful
• Being and dressing professionally
• Engaging and listening to clients
• Networking and negotiating
• Managing budgets and curbing expenditure
• Being discrete and efficient


The skill and personality of the staff, is what allows most Hotels to stand out. Those people who directly interact with or are there to serve, entertain or guide guests; these workers must be very friendly, engaging and responsible. Qualifications, such as GCSE, BTEC, NVQ, Bachelors or Masters Degree, are not on the top of the list, only in those jobs that may require it. Certifications that are acceptable include Hospitality Supervision, Management, Hospitality Service; Business, Management, Leadership, Tourism, Travel and Catering.

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