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Although one of the more modestly paid jobs within the hotel industry, looking after the rooms and the general upkeep of the premises is extremely important, as it will determine the quality of the guests’ experience. Duties include making sure that a room is immaculate after one guest leaves and the next arrives. In the event that a guest stays for multiple nights, it is important for a chamber maid to make sure the room is as tidy as possible without disturbing the customer’s belongings. A Housekeeper will usually have at least one or two chamber maids working under his/her control
It is the Housekeeper’s responsibility to make sure that everything in the hotel is working as it should be and to report to management if there is anything amiss. There are often opportunities in larger hotels for workers to advance to the position of executive housekeeper, which is better paid. Although qualifications are not usually necessary, previous experience in hospitality is essential and good management skills are also required.
Salaries are variable and will depend on where the hotel is situated, but hover around the £17,000 to £23,000 mark.


Cleaning your room, removing garbage, washing bathrooms and replacing toiletries; this is the responsibility of a Housekeeper. Often they work as a part of a team to cover the hundreds of rooms in a hotel. They are coordinated and have deadlines to get their jobs done. They are expected to be meticulous and thorough.
There are different categories of housekeepers. This includes floor housekeepers, room attendants, linen room staff, or housekeeping assistants. As these professionals use a lot of cleaning supplies they are integral in keeping costs at a minimum. Housekeepers have to be very flexible as they work odd hours.
A Housekeeper usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Cleaning rooms
• Following health and safety guidelines
• Preparing work schedules
• Reporting lost or found items
•   Training new staff
Using chemicals and cleaning agents
•   Using room checklists/sheets


• Being organised and detail oriented
• Being attentive and practical
• Training and mentoring
• Handling co-workers and guests
• Stress management and conflict resolution
• Working long hours
• Doing repeated tasks
• Being diligent and hardworking
• Motivation and mathematics
• Thinking quickly and being discrete


Typically Housekeepers are not required to have formal education to be able to fill their positions. Many join up with GCSE, HND, HNC, BTEC and other qualifications. Many study courses in Hospitality, Tourism, Reception and Accommodation, and Leisure. Housekeeping is also another profession which allows newcomers to begin as apprentices and learn their trade on the job.

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