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Working in the hospitality industry is a rewarding but demanding career move. Throughout the many fields in this sector, the main task employees will need to succeed in is communicating with customers and satisfying their requirements
In most hospitality positions, candidates must possess a range of different skills to succeed. Employees must be able to communicate clearly and confidently, apply problem-solving skills on a regular basis, navigate different computer systems, work irregular hours, and work closely with management and supervisors. Many positions also require employees to work collaboratively in a team environment, regardless of whether the field in which they work is hotel or travel
Experience is a must when it comes to hospitality. Many secondary schools and tertiary education institutions offer courses that provide the initial skills required for basic customer service. For those candidates looking for office or management positions, a degree in tourism or hotel management is usually required along with a master’s degree for high level jobs. Entry salaries in the industry usually hover around £12,000, but management jobs can fetch upwards of £80,000 plus.


The Hospitality industry is a growing sector. More and more people are catering to the relaxing and rejuvenating needs of people. This service is typically provided by hotels, salons, spas, bars, restaurants and caterers.
The job possibility in Hospitality is endless. Positions are available at all levels, from beginners or apprentices to upper management. There is room for growth and movement both vertical and horizontally. Employees can move from one aspect whether from a bar or pub to working in a hotel or guest house.
A Hospitality professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Hiring and training staff
• Coordinating events and functions
• Catering to clients
• Serving beverage to customers
• Preparing meals
• Mixing drinks and wines


• Being able to interact and network with people
• Being flexible and disciplined
• Being industrious and diligent
• Being self motivated and level headed
• Business savvy and organisation
• Communication, presentation and listening
• Controlling budgets and Finance
• Intelligence and culture
• Project and time management
• Training and information technology


Hospitality, for the most part, has to do with a lot of skill specific jobs. There are certain standards that are applicable to this industry in keeping up with the high existing standards of pleasing clients. The skills can be developed in two mediums; from on the job training or done in training or educational institutions.
All levels of certifications are accepted from NVQ, SVQ, BTEC, HND, HNC, diplomas, certificates to Bachelors and Post Graduate degree. The higher the certification, the chance at promotion also improves. Employers will also support your attempts at furthering your education.

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