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The job of waiting on tables in a busy restaurant demands a good deal of stamina and dedication to customer satisfaction. It’s a job which is perfect for the friendly, outgoing person who enjoys the social aspects of working and can provide the all important extra service to the dining experience. A good character combined with a sense of when to approach and when not to, are all important in this jo
With modern tills and hand-held card services there are often duties which require the waiter to have some input, so computer literacy is an advantage. Employers will be impressed with a good standard of education and decent grades in basic GCSEs. The City & Guilds food safety certificate will be a basic requirement, and an employer may ask for it to be completed as part of in-house training. Pay rates for waiters start around £13,500 and rise according to employee progress. In the better restaurants and hotels there is a potential for good tips which will enhance the basic salary considerably.


When you visit establishments that provide or serve food, you will often see Waiters or Waitresses. These persons deal directly with customers explaining and taking orders, serving food and drink, collecting payment and tips, and handing out menus. These professionals may work long hours on their feet and are expected to be very friendly, courteous, patient, and industrious.
Many people work these jobs part time or as an easy way of earning an income while they either finish up school, are in between jobs, or as a seasonal job. Because people mostly go out in the evening Waitresses work mostly evening or night shifts. They must also be flexible and available to work weekends as well.
A Waitress usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Handling reservations
• Seating guests at their table
• Distributing menus
• Taking orders
• Answering questions
•   Preparing customer bill


• Balancing plates and trays
• Being attentive and discrete
• Being friendly and polite
• Being tidy, clean and hygienic
• Communication and motivation
• Handling difficult customers
• Preparing light beverages
• Remaining level headed and respectful
• Remembering multiple orders
• Taking and following verbal and written instructions
• Working and standing up for long hours


Employers mostly value experience from their Waitress rather than qualifications. The skills they take to the job, in handling clients, serving and making tips in also very valuable. This is why there are many opening for persons who are interested in starting as apprentices and coming in with high school qualifications and diplomas. For persons looking to advance into higher positions of management certification and further training will be necessary in areas such as Restaurant management, Hospitality, Food and Beverage and Catering.

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