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The basics of working as a courier are generally not too difficult to grasp, but a truly strong candidates for work in this field will display some key attributes. Reliability, attention to service levels, geographical knowledge and, of course, a driving licence, are generally considered basic conditions for success in this industry
Courier work often offers a significant level of freedom and flexibility that can be attractive to some candidates. Some positions demand at least six months’ experience and a driving licence with few, if any, points. Some employers will be particularly sensitive about road manners where their brand or organisation is concerned
Though much of the work covers a small region like a city or county, other roles will require knowledge of and the ability to work across international borders. Some roles will require a minimum age, commercial driving certification and an in-depth CRB (Criminal Records Board) background check. Some roles require the candidate to supply their own van. Hourly rates of £6.50 typically apply, with performance bonuses often added.


Couriers are required to transport products that need urgent delivery. Among these items are business or legal contracts, documents, valuable bankers´ drafts, or fragile items such as computers. There are specific services for medical delivery to transport samples, blood, supplies, and organs. They deliver their packages using a bicycle, scooter, van, or motorcycle.

Couriers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Planning delivery routes.
• Loading items onto the van.
• Collecting instructions from the central depot.
• Examining vehicles before delivery.
• Signing for the item upon collection.


• Having good Math and English skills.
• Being honesty and reliable.
• Having suitable level of fitness.
• Being punctual.
• Having competent customer service skills.
• Having good route and geography knowledge.
• Being proactive and self motivated.
• Having good driving skills.
• Being able to follow strict instructions.
• Being organised and methodical.


Courier jobs do not require specific academic requirements for application. Applicants must be at least 17 years old for insurance purposes and have a driving licence to drive a car or a van (25 years old to drive a van). There are training schemes to start delivering as a motorcycle courier with a provisional licence. This sector could be an option for school leavers because they can start as a bicycle courier.

Training is done on the job, but there are other training schemes offered by external institutions including SVQ/NVQ Level 2 in carry and deliver goods and SVQ/NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in driving goods vehicles.

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