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The role of a delivery driver is most suited to people who are level headed and can handle work that is often monotonous. It generally involves the transport goods from a manufacturer’s warehouse to retail outlets, wholesale centres, supermarkets and so on. The job is ideally suited to someone who works on their initiative and feels at ease dealing with a wide range of customers.
As well as delivering goods, drivers must be able to perform various administrative duties such as giving out invoices, filling in forms and getting signatures from the customers. The delivery driver also has to keep accurate records of mileage, fuel purchase and other costs incurred while on duty
Most delivery drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s licence (CDL) and the minimum age requirement for the job is 18. Drivers must be reliable and self-motivated due to the long hours spent on the road. The average salary for this role is around £17,000 with highs of £20,000 for experienced drivers.


Delivery Drivers are responsible for loading, unloading, preparing, cleaning, and operating a vehicle for delivery duties. They can transport a wide variety of products to different required addresses. These drivers need to have knowledge about mechanics in case delivery vehicle has technical issues. Sometimes they need to receive payments from clients once they deliver products.

A Delivery Driver usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Delivering items.
• Inspecting vehicle for operation.
• Loading and unloading products.
• Resolving clients´ complaints.
• Driving vehicles through different routes.


• Having reporting skills.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being polite.
• Having IT skills.
• Having good interpersonal abilities.
• Being able to complete paperwork.
• Having good written and spoke communication skills.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having good knowledge about routes.
• Having customer service skills.


Among some requirements in Delivery Driver jobs are a good driving record with an appropriate licence, basic English and Math abilities, a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, and good eyesight and colour vision. Licences required for this job depends on type of vehicle for delivery tasks. Driving heavier vehicles, for instance a 7.5 tonne HGV, require a C1 or C1E licence.

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