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A pilot is responsible for safely flying passengers to and from national or international destinations on commercial or private aeroplanes. A large commercial aircraft is usually operated by three or more pilots at any one time, with the captain known as the pilot-in-command. The job requires a patient and an even temperament to deal with the high level of responsibility
Airline pilots are expected to be well-dressed and to present themselves in a professional manner. The day-to-day tasks of a pilot include: checking that information about flight plans and routes is correct, relaying information to passengers, checking safety systems and estimating the amount of fuel that will be used on a particular flight
The industry is very competitive and employers look for candidates with a good educational background such as a degree or an HND. Entry into the profession can be sought through the Armed Forces, a scholarship as a trainee commercial pilot or through obtaining a Private Pilot’s License and studying further to Commercial Pilot’s License level.
Typically, pilots are paid around £62,000 per year in the UK.


A Pilot is any person who can fly an aircraft with an official license. These professionals can be commercial pilots, private pilots, and military pilots. They are responsible for flying different type of aircraft models. Most pilots work for commercial airlines and others have military careers through the Royal Air Force.

A Pilot usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Teaching pilot students.
• Flying an aircraft.
• Checking aircraft controls and parts.
• Working with air traffic control.
• Creating logbooks related to technical problems.


• Being able to work with a team
• Having good coordination between eyes and hands.
• Being able to follow instructions from air traffic control.
• Being able to interpret maps.
• Having good communication skills.
• Being able to work under pressure.
• Having good problem solving abilities.
• Being self confident.
• Having leadership skills.
• Having good decision making abilities.


Applicants have several options to become a Pilot. Among those options are the Royal Air Force or Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy for military area, the Private Pilot´s Licence, and the Civil Aviation Authorities to become a commercial pilot. This last qualification requires significant time and finance expenditure and a class 1 medical examination held at Gatwick South Airport. All these courses require a minimum of two A levels and five GCSE’s (A-C) in Science, English, and Math.

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