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Vital to the marketing and public relations industry is the event planner, who arranges and coordinates important events such as conventions, meetings, parties, and weddings. This individual works in a fast-paced and demanding environment, as they supervise multiple operations at once and face numerous deadlines. This person has to coordinate the activities of various groups of people and should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Designing, organising and coordinating conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festivals, trade shows, parties, and weddings along with organising participants’ accommodation and transport are some of the tasks that this individual needs to perform. He or she will also be responsible for establishing and monitoring budgets to support all operations.
Event planners should demonstrate excellent organisational and presentation skills, especially the ability to communicate information clearly and persuasively. Employers normally seek out someone with a university degree in marketing, hospitality, or tourism and a strong knowledge of media relations is a plus. Salaries typically depend on experience, event, and employer, but the average pay is usually between £16,000 and £25,000 per year.


Planners are Engineers who develop plans on construction projects. Planners manage the work cycle on a particular project. They also work alongside Site Managers to ensure the successful and safe completion of a job. Planners network and assist planning and construction engineers, site workers or surveyors.
A Planner usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Administering schedules
• Presenting information
• Reviewing current planning schedules
• Developing contract and construction programmes
• Project planning
• Developing Engineering project plans
•  Developing Engineering methodologies


• Being creative
• Being professional
• Communication, including writing reports and other documentation
• Organisation
• Leadership
• Project management
• Being analytical
• Time management and planning
• Being computer literate
• Meeting deadlines and project targets
• Understanding engineering principles and data
• Presentations


To qualify for a job in Planning, graduates can pursue a number of certifications courses. These include a HNC or HND. Having a Bachelors or Masters Degree is always valuable and gives job seekers a great advantage. Areas of study may include Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering or other related degrees.

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