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Individuals working in the tradesman position of painter are utilised primarily in the construction and manufacturing industries. These skilled workers apply paint and other finishes like varnishes and stains to a variety of surfaces including wood, metals and plastics. There are numerous methods of application and many individuals working in this field will specialise in specific areas such as house or automotive painting
Day-to-day tasks for these tradesmen sometimes include communicating with customers regarding requirements, requests and costs in addition to the actual painting process, which generally involves surface preparation, masking, mixing and cleanup, as well as one to several steps of the application process, depending on the specifications of a given project. Manual tools and machinery such as sprayers or a combination of the two may be used
The average annual salary for a painter working in the UK is about £22,000. Highly experienced individuals, particularly those with a background of performance automobile and aircraft painting are likely to see rates closer to £30,000 per annum or higher.


Covering surfaces with wallpaper, paint or varnish is the job of a Painter. They spend time speaking to their clients, hearing their specifications, choosing complimentary colours, cleaning, buying paint and wallpaper. Painters work everywhere and on almost any surface that will take paint. They work on buildings, roads, vehicles, airplanes and rigs.
A painter can work as a part of a crew or as a sole contractor or worker. Oftentimes they will perform other functions as well. The hours will depend on the painter, whether they work part time, or all days during the week.
A Painter usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Applying stencilling and using decorative brushes
• Cleaning up job sites
•   Putting up and taking down wallpapers
• Preparing job estimates
• Storing and securing equipment
• Taking measurements of work surfaces


• Applying the knowledge of paint colours, tones and highlights
• Art and creativity
• Being able to meet project deadlines
• Being able to work at high levels
• Being able to work in a team or on your own
• Being physically capable and enduring
• Being practical and honest
• Being professional and courteous
• Understand verbal and written instructions
• Understanding and adhering to safety guidelines


Painters are not required to have any specific qualifications. They should have their basic high school subjects and diploma. However, there are various courses that are helpful to persons pursuing this profession. This includes:
•    Building
•    Craft
•    Art
•    Construction
•    Industrial Painting
•    Decorating
Employers offer Painters a chance to become apprentices. They will earn less than other Painters but they will learn on the job. However, institutions offer courses in NVQ, SVQ, City and Guilds certifications for those who wish to pursue training.


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