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    I’ve recently moved to Staines-upon-Thames and I’m working as an evening teacher. To complement my salary I’ve been thinking about looking for a part time job at the airport. Can anybody give me some advice as to how to approach it? Also, and more on the practical side of things, is traffic ok to come and go on a daily basis? Btw, does one get discounts when working there?

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    • what position exactly are you thinking about? In any case it would help if you had some languages, and also some previous experience.

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Rina
      • I was thinking about jobs like Airline counter attendant, shop assistant, i don’t know, something where i’d be in touch with the public. I’ve got very good French and I believe I have very good people skills.

        15-Feb-2017 Reply to Jeannine
    • it’s quite easy to get a job there if you’re not too picky.

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Geena
    • Traffic is definitely an issue, but you’d have to consider pros and cons. You can also check whether there’s a way to get there in public transport, there’s bound to be an option that would suit you.

      16-Feb-2017 Reply to Rina
    • Thank you girls! And now just out of curiosity, do you get any deals working there?

      17-Feb-2017 Reply to Jeannine
      • Uff, no idea, sorry. Though I’d imagine that if you’re in a shop, you’d probably be able to get some duty free advantages.

        20-Feb-2017 Reply to Geena
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