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Using JobisJob to find employment works. Through a very short video , we can explain, for example, the services we offer so that finding work doesn’t have to be a painful process, because our aim is to provide you with a extensive yet simple search. And not just through a video as, on the JobisJob channel on Youtube , you will find some very useful tips (a few of which are very healthy and tasty such as this one) to ensure your job search gets results.

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Digital Footprint: What do you Leave Behind on the Internet?

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Did you know that everything you do on the Internet stays on the Internet? That’s also called our digital footprint and has raised some issues about privacy. Let’s see the effects it can have on your job search.


What does your digital footprint reveal about you?

Since its emergence, Internet has brought us democratization of communications.  Traditional media messages used to be completely controlled by companies. However, nowadays you have the opportunity to express your opinions about them. Play your cards right with Social Networking and the job will come to you. But, be aware of the digital footprint you leave behind.

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Show your Inner Genius: Crea+e your Personal Branding

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Google+ is changing very fast and the company seems to be aiming its social network towards the field of personal branding. After Local Guides, Google wants you to show everyone your skills. No matter in which field. If there’s something great that you can do this new site has been specifically created for you.


Let’s look into the intention of this new app. Crea+e combines the Google+ collections features and the reward system of Local Guides. Therefore, they foster your collaboration by giving you points when you add new content. When you reach a certain number of points you will be granted a new level, which comes with some benefits.  Some opportunities that Crea+e brings to you are testing google+ new features before someone else has access to them or Google’s support in your search for becoming well-known.

Hard work: the way to succeed in your personal branding.

However, in this case it’s not a piece of cake, they are looking for experts in their fields who want to share their interests and hobbies. In contrast to collections and Local Guides, which are open to everyone, you need to fulfill some requirements to be accepted in this club. You must be a real constant content creator and as in other Google’s products quality plays a key role.

So now that Google is really trying to help you manifest your inner potential. What are you waiting for to include Crea+e in your personal branding strategy?

Mums and Dads Getting Back to the Workforce

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We have received the following question from a reader and thought that the topic would be interesting for mums and dads that have taken time off from their careers to stay home with their kids and are now trying to re-enter the workforce.

“I used to work for a telecommunications company; I started in the early ninety’s, when mobile communication was just beginning to become more available to the public. It was an exciting time and everything was changing. I was good at my job and one of the few women on the team. I worked with the same company from 1991 until 1999, taking maternity leave when I had my first child. A year and a half later, I had my second child and decided to stay at home and care for my children. Recently I’ve been applying to jobs and even landed a couple of interviews, but not one bite. Recruiters look at my CV and then wonder what I’ve been doing for the past 16 years. Do I tell recruiters I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, turning down my chance to make it up the corporate ladder? How do I get back out there?”

Mums and Dads Getting Back to the Workforce after taking time out

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Techie Tips for Working from Home

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Now we all know that old stereotype, if you work from home you’re actually just going to be sat in PJs catching up on Netflix, or if you’re feeling really productive putting laundry on! However, with more and more companies now allowing employees to work from home and a growing number of freelancers it’s time to shake that stereotype and show that working from home can be just as productive, if not more productive than working in an office.

Techie tips for working from home

Read on to see our tips for effective working, no matter how often you work at home!

You always work at home

So if you’re a freelancer who always works at home, you decided against renting office space to save money, and you’ve managed to put up that IKEA flat pack desk. You know that if your internet is slow or drops out you can lose out on jobs – and you don’t want to do that! Plus you dread trying to have a video call with someone and the connection to keep dropping.

Our Tip: To make sure you’re at your productivity peak, you need fast, reliable broadband and fibre broadband is the best option for this. Once you’re connected you can work without worrying about pages freezing while loading and your call quality will be crystal clear (or if it’s not, at least you can blame their broadband)!

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