New Recruitment Trends 2016

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staff-selection-recruitment-trendsNew trends, practices and techniques in personnel recruitment that are set to become established throughout 2016. Just when it looks like you have all the answers, the questions change.

It appears that recruitment processes tend to follow that dynamic. In addition to the new personnel recruitment techniques that we mentioned some time ago, there are other practices used by companies to attract desired talent that are worthy of note. Some are not new but they are now beginning to become established and used intensively.

New techniques and recruitment trends 2016

More and more organisations are following these trends and techniques for personnel recruitment. The aim is not only to detect candidates who are qualified, motivated and aligned with the company culture, but also to reduce the employee turnover rate and costs relating to the hiring process.

list_okValuing skills more than experience. We base this on the idea that although knowledge can be transmitted, talent cannot. That is why companies are starting to value the candidate’s skills and personality more than his or her academic training or experience. They are prepared to invest in training but they want to be sure that the candidate will fit in with the company culture and that her or his personality will be compatible with the corporate personality. At Google, for example, one of the phases of the recruitment process focusses solely on Googliness, in other words, the candidate’s capacity for adaptating to Google culture.


More passion, please.  Organisations are looking for passionate professionals, because passion can compensate for weaknesses and working with intensity achieves the desired goals.

list_okGamification: think of recruitment as a game. Perhaps your next job interview will only involve playing a video game. The use of video games in contexts that are unrelated to leisure is becoming more and more frequent. And the recruitment sector has discovered that video games are excellent tools for assessing whether the candidate is able to assume risks, has strategic vision or detailed oriented, is empathetic or good at improvising, amongst many other skills. In fact, some recruiters that use this technique maintain that it allows them to know the candidates even better than the latter know themselves.



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list_okCrowdsourcing. Through this practice, organisations call upon a more or less defined community to resolve issues, gather new ideas or improve their products or services. They may be invited to participate using different formulas, such as competing or collaborating, amongst others. Over time, Crowdsourcing has become a low-cost source of innovation for companies, and also an opportunity to detect the best candidates who are not actively job hunting. It is an interesting way to discover talent in its pure state – through actions.


Recruitment via Social Media. Social media has become the sea of reference when fishing for candidates. Without a doubt, the social media used most for this purpose is LinkedIn, followed closely by Facebook. Practically everyone uses social media so it is the ideal place for finding passive candidates, in other words, those who are not job hunting. This is why companies are now using sophisticated tools to detect talent using the digital footprint that candidates leave on the different social platforms, such as LinkedIn RecruiterTalentBin or Entelo, for example.

Which practice did you find most surprising? Have you ever come up against a recruitment process other than the usual ones? We’d love to hear about your experience.

Interview with Monika Kraus-Wildegger, CEO of GOODplace

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In the following interview we take a look at the modern working world, and talk to Monika Kraus-Wildegger about “feel-good management” and her company GOODplace.   Feel-good culture is trending in Germany right now. It places well-being of the staff at the center of the business.

GOODplace is a platform for feel-good culture. The company supports skilled personnel and companies in creating a sense of well-being and happiness amongst staff so that they are happy and productive at work. GOODplace has already been featured in a post about our favourite websites for professional development and guidance – we’ve been bowled over by the feel-good concept since the beginning. Monika Kraus-Wildegger has lived in Europe, Asia and Chicago, developed the Feel-good Manager profile alongside the Frauenhofer Institute, and is a trailblazer and expert in the field of feel-good management.


(Source: Gabriele Bohle)

Ms Kraus-Wildegger, you are the founder of GOODplace – what’s your company all about?

GOODplace is a platform for a new way of working. We deliver our own professional training to advise and qualify skilled personnel and companies in feel-good management. Our motto is Feelgood makes work a good place!

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New Jobisjob Forum | Welcome to our Jobs Community

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The JobisJob forum is a community specialized in employment where you can share your knowledge and experiences.


Looking for work in a competitive and ever-changing labour market is sometimes like going alone into a jungle or getting lost in a labyrinth. But the reality is that you are not alone, and you are not the only person going through the same concerns. Better still, there are people that have completed the same process, who know that the light is at the end of the tunnel, and who have valuable advice that can save you time and effort in your search and help you achieve professional success.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Jobs that Will Come

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A long tradition of science-fiction tales has made us dream of a promising future where we escape from reality by using technology. For example, Gibson’s Neuromancer told us about cyberspace before the creation of internet.  In his book, Gibson showed us a world where people can use body implants and navigate through a virtual world. Later, Matrix retook this idea of an immersive virtual reality and went much further. As a new version of Plato’s cave, where prisoners were only able to see the shadows projected on a wall, humans in Matrix were connected to a simulation and completely unaware of what was actually happening. The film asked the audience: what if all you are going through was only a simulated lie?


Image: Marco Verch

From time to time, some intrepid researchers bet on one of these crazy ideas and these fantasies sneak into our daily lives. When this happens, it usually ends up changing society profoundly and this new technology stays with us forever as did the computer. Nowadays it seems to be the turn of augmented and virtual reality to become the gadgets of this era. Although these technologies are not completely new, they are now mature enough to become more than a fancy trend. Continue reading

Happy 9th Birthday JobisJob!

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We are celebrating our 9 year Anniversary! My… how we’ve grown!

After all these years, we are now present in 23 countries, available in 9 different languages and more to go! But, without you, there would be no us. We’re grateful for your trust, loyalty and continued support during these 9 years of dedication, hard work,change and fun! Millions of job offers, career advice, tools, trends and even humour to make the search easier.

A toast to all involved in the hope that we’ve helped you reach your dreams and find the perfect job. After all, that’s why we’re here.

Today we celebrate these past 9 years with this video and we thank you for being part of them. As we look towards the future we wanted to say THANK YOU from all of us at Jobisjob and we look forward to reaching the 10 year mark TOGETHER!