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Education encompasses appointments in the public education sector just as jobs in teaching within other organisations.

General overview

There are different opportunities available for those interested in jobs related to teaching and educating. A large number of job opportunities can be found within the public sector, where jobs are regulated by the government and available at different levels. Other possibilities are private organisations such as language schools, private nurseries, summer and music schools or businesses with a need for training and coaching. Regardless of where aspiring teachers may find employment, they usually need to possess a formal educational background and normally specialise in one or a specified number of subjects. Teachers need to be passionate and patient. Educating others consists of a systematic approach by applying pedagogic principles to help others, children or adults, to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Positions within the formal system of schooling have regulated entry requirements in order to secure educational standards. Education is an important pillar of the public sector and encompasses the different school stages, such as preschool, primary education, secondary and tertiary school. People interested in working in a formal educational institution need to have an academic degree that is accredited in the country or province they want to work.

Teaching positions within private organisations and institutions are not bound to the institutional curriculum and principles of education, but also rely on established pedagogic concepts. Possible employers may be language or music schools but also businesses requiring coaches to train employees in specific fields.

Requirements and skills

Jobs in Education are normally performed by professionals that finds it rewarding to support others in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. This profession requires excellent interpersonal skills and a great deal of empathy. Besides being a specialist and knowledgeable about a particular field, teachers need to possess the following skills:

  • Able to motivate others
  • Being patient
  • Good judgement
  • Administrative and time managerial skills
  • Communication and leadership skills

Additionally, teachers need to stay professional and objective even during situations of conflict and generally benefit from strong nerves.

A job in Education nearly almost requires a formal educational background, including a Bachelor’s and/ or Master’s degree or postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). Managerial positions in schools, institution or public services sometimes occasionally demands a PhD.

Professional path

This sector offers professional outlooks within two areas:

  • Public sector: the public sector provides great employment opportunities for teachers in preschool, primary education, secondary and tertiary schools, vocational or specialist training institutions.
  • Private organisations: such as language schools, private nurseries, summer and music schools or businesses represent further possibilities for jobs in Education.

Job titles include but are not limited to the following:

  • High School Math Teacher
  • Pre School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • English Teacher
  • Teaching Professional
  • Coach
  • Piano Teacher
  • Headmaster

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