Customer Service Advisor job description


Managing client communications is the chief responsibility of a Customer Service Advisor. These professionals interact directly with potential, new and existing clients. They work to provide quality customer service, while increasing the company’s revenues through increased sales. Their jobs are usually challenging, involving high demand situations and constant job stressors. However, they employ stress management and coping skills in their daily activities.
A Customer Service Advisor usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Handling enquiries
•  Answering incoming calls
•  Offering customers products and services
•  Performing administrative functions
•  Updating client accounts
•  Processing customer correspondence


• Being computer literate
• Handling customer queries
• Providing excellent customer service
• Oral and written communication
• Being professional and flexible
• Managing stress
• Resolving problems
• Being driven and positive
• Managing multiple tasks
• Meeting targets
• Administration and organisation
• Being sales oriented


Employers require minimum qualifications from persons looking to work as Customer Service Advisors. Most Advisors may start out with:
•    GCSEs
•    NVQs
•    HND/HNC
•    High School Diplomas
Having higher qualifications such as a Bachelors Degree in Business, Marketing, Sales or Finance is always of greater asset.

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