Customer Service Executive job description


Customer Service Executives handle phone, internet and face to face interactions with customers. They manage client adjustments, claims, quotations, and process customer orders. They network with all groups and departments involved in customer orders, processing and support.
A Customer Service Executive usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Identifying new opportunities
•  Liaising with customers
• Processing customer orders
• Supporting sales and development departments
•  Dealing with adjustments
•  Escalating any complaints
•  Updating database


• Being flexible
• Using initiative
• Communication and listening
• Information technology
• People management
• Organisation
• Customer service
• Being confident and focused
• Being professional and courteous
• Being open minded
• Resolving problems quickly
• Being thorough and analytical


Having a first degree in Business, Management Studies or Marketing can assist persons who are interested in working as Customer Service Executives. Employers also accept GCSEs, HNDs, HNCs, NVQs and SVQs. Any Business, Sales or Marketing related qualifications is an asset.

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