5 of the best: video CVs

Video CVs are clearly a popular topic – our recent article on creating a video CV was one of our most successful to date. Ever responsive to the wishes of our treasured readers (that means you), we decided this subject was meaty enough to warrant another article. This time, we’ve looked at some of our favourite YouTube CVs.

Most creative use of limited materials
Proving that you don’t need a host of professional tools and software to create a decent audiovisual CV, Yvonne Young has produced an incredible CV with a great soundtrack using PowerPoint. If this is for an internship, we can’t wait to see what you’ll produce when you’re looking for a full-time job, Yvonne!

Best interactive video CV
Of the several interactive video CVs out there (a bit like a website, but in a CV), Graeme Anthony’s is one of our favourites. The links in this video have been added using YouTube annotations.

Best “faceless” CV
We love this creative video from Alyssa Berkovitz. Artistic, well-made and goes to show that even the most camera-shy among us are capable of making a stunning audiovisual CV (with a good helping of talent and creativity, of course). Wonder how long it took to produce?

Best narrative
Matthew Epstein landed 80 interview offers from this video (including some in well-known companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft), as well as abundant traffic for his blog and 2,000 good-luck emails from well-wishers.

Best professional CV
Despite being for a sales and marketing position, this CV could work well for many professions. It’s simple, direct and professional without being boring, and cleanly made. A great example of how high production values can turn a video of you talking about some of your values and achievements into a worthwhile way to apply for a job.

You can vote for your favourite video CV using the comments box below ;)

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