How to control your online reputation in social media

Advice and tools for controlling your online reputation in the Social Media. This blog post is a part of our week-long series on social media and employment.

Do a test: write your name in the Google search engine and – let’s see what comes out! Just search through the first page of results – at the end of the day, that’s what 94% of users do, according to research by Brandyourself. Can’t you find yourself? That’s not so bad… It means that your social footprint or online reputation isn’t mature yet, and you need to improve your virtual image, you can begin moving around the social networks. Things get complicated if the first thing you read when somebody “googles” you, is untrue or damages your image. Houston, we’ve got a problem!

According to a study by OnDeviceResearch, 16% of candidates for a job are disregarded because of some unfortunate message on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks. But the most worrying thing is that two-thirds of social network users are not aware of the consequences that using them in the wrong way may have on their reputation and career. Most often, your worst enemy is a part of you…

Seeing as companies use Social Networks for capturing talent, you have to get used to keeping your profiles impeccable and monitoring when you are chatting with friends and when you are targeting the more extended public – for example, when looking for a job.


list_okNicknames or “alias” – No, thanks. Create your profile with your name and surname(s): the contracting company will be able to identify you easily (and they don’t really need to know your grandmother’s pet name for you… or why she calls you it).

list_okClean and flood. If you don’t like the first thing you see and read about yourself on the Internet or it is of no benefit to you, you have two options. When the solution to the problem is in your hands, you can “clean”, which means: modify the information or delete it.  If it is others who are publishing content that is damaging to you professionally, flood the Internet with positive content! Be constant and very active and, by natural positioning, your publications will end up appearing before the rest.  The following tip gives you ideas on how to accelerate this process.

list_okMake the Social Networks work for you. Google loves some Social Networks more than others and this is reflected in the results list. Pay attention to this and strengthen your presence on the following:

1. Linkedin is king.  Complete your professional profile with a purpose and interact with other professionals. This Social Network has an excellent reputation and Google loves it; whether you believe it or not, it positions it above Google +!

2.  Vimeo. Yes, the most popular video community is YouTube, but Vimeo gives you better positioning on search engines.

3. This tool allows you to create a professional profile where you can connect all your Social Network accounts.  You can centralize all the information on you and you’ll also have a very original CV!

4.    Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are some of the largest social networks in terms of active users. As they are the ones that we have most contact with, both at a personal and professional level, they are also where we most frequently put our foot in it! Think twice about what you are going to publish or be moderate when giving your opinion on socially sensitive subjects (religion or politics, for example) – they are basic tips to help you avoid a bad experience.

list_okTop secret. Remember that all the Social Networks have filters or tools to configure your privacy settings and limit access permission to your data.  To make life easier, we recommend Adjustyourprivacy: it will quickly take you to the privacy setting sections for all of your Social Network profiles.

Facebook continually changes its privacy settings so pay attention to the following:

  •  Privacy settings configuration. In this section of the upper right menu of your Facebook profile, you can select who can see or read what you publish: profile scope, block users and invitations from applications or events, who can write on your wall, if you want others to tag you in their photos, etc.
  • Be careful with pictures! Every day, more than 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. When you create a photo album on Facebook, you can limit access to it using the privacy settings options. But be careful with your profile photos: You have to configure privacy settings for them individually!


Check everything that is being said about you on social media! Applications for monitoring social network profiles guard your reputation 24 hours a day. The ones below are effective and employers also use them when selecting personnel!

list_okGoogle Alerts – Quickly and easily, you indicate the words or phrases that you want to search for and how often you want to be updated: you will get an email with all the mentions of this found on the Internet. You can put down your name and surname, the university you studied at or the company you work or worked for, to keep up-to-date with events or comments that may affect your online reputation.

list_okReputación XL – This is an advanced search engine that is very similar to the above tool – although it has more options for setting the search criteria, such as, for example, selecting search languages.

list_okSamepoint – This is one of the best search engines for Social Network conversations, and it allows you to supervise what is being said or seen about you in real time.

list_okSocial Mention – This is perhaps the most complete free tool, as it is capable of analysing subjective nuances, such as the feeling or emotion behind comments.

We are convinced that the social networks have great potential for finding work, so it’s worth making an effort to look after your online reputation. We encourage you to try the JobisJob My Network service.Use it to search Facebook or LinkedIn and as well asl job offers, you can see whom in your network can connect you to the company in question.

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