Career stories: Clara De Nadal, journalist & Cool Hunter

Clara De Nadal is a Journalist, Cool Hunter and Founder and CEO of She not only works, but makes a living doing what she really loves.  The secret? Find out by reading this interview!

1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Has this influenced what you do now?

When I was a kid I wanted to be everything, just like now. I’ve always liked writing, but Clara-De-Nadal-Trias-muymia-by-Carles-Roig-Photographermy mum was the one to help me choose Journalism as my major, because at that time I wanted to be an actress. Haha… In fact, I’ve studied in the Cinema Studies Center of Catalonia. I’ve always been a very creative and curious person; I love fashion and travelling, so in the end, I discovered I was born to be a fashion Journalist and Cool Hunter.

2. What do you actually do at work? Explain a regular day.

Nowadays I am self-employed in London. I work as a Fashion Editor for national and international magazines and online media weekly publishing my own articles about fashion, trends and lifestyle. I also do Cool Hunting projects for agencies and I collaborate with many brands and fashion companies from all over the world.

In 2011 I started my own project: a trend site with smart content about, fashion, trends, lifestyle, interviews, catwalk and events as well as travel and foodie sections!

My day starts at 8 from Monday to Sunday. My life is non-stop! After a shower and a cup of tea, I spend many hours in front of the computer, writing articles, sending emails, reading webs and blogs, contacting brands, fashion companies, talking to fashion professionals, finding new collaborations, etc. Once I’m done with that, I always spend two/three hours a day walking the streets looking for new trends, paying attention to social behavours, talking to all kind of people, discovering Cool Places, new shops, new restaurants, etc. And at least once a month I travel to Spain to assist in tradeshows, fashion events, store openings, new collection presentations… as an International Blogger.

3. What do you like most about your job?

Travelling! Despite my monthly visits to Spain (mainly my hometown Barcelona), every year I travel to at least two different countries in order to discover the world, listen to the society and discover new cultures, modern tribes, raw talents, new hubs and cool places.

4. How do you define yourself professionally?

Adventurous, curious, creative, very organized, extremely efficient and results oriented. Very passionate when working and a self-motivated person.

5. What’s your greatest achievement been?

Being able to work and make a living by doing what I really love and what I am good at doing. And also to work every day with the certainty that I am helping many people by discovering new talents, introducing great professionals and entertaining my audience with the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle and Cool Places around the world. Since the launch of in 2011, I get many emails and messages on my Social Networks from my readers and followers saying “thank you!” for showing them a new perspective of the world and for inspiring in them positivism and the belief that if you fight, you can do it!

6. Which are the most important qualities you need to do what you do?

If you want to be a good journalist you need to have great writing skills, pay attention to the grammar and spelling of your texts and always refer and double check your sources.

And if you want to be a good Cool Hunter you need to be adventurous, curious, creative, very organized, extremely efficient and results oriented.
Very passionate when working and self-motivated person as well as up-to-date!

7. What advice what you give to someone just starting out in the working life?

Be on the ball, work hard and fight for what you want every single day of your life.

8. What training would you recommend to someone beginning their career?

Be on the ball, be open minded, listen and learn from the professionals, speak many languages or don’t be afraid to learn new ones, explore and travel a lot.

9. Tell us about a happy memory.

Every time I go back to my hometown Barcelona and I spend time with family and friends.

10. Have you always achieved what you wanted at work? When this hasn’t been the case, what have you learnt from your professional mistakes?

Sometimes you do not get what you want, or not exactly the way you wanted or you’ve imagined it. So after any professional mistake, I take a little time to think about it and find solutions and remember that I have to never give up and keep fighting.

11. Do you think there are lots of professional differences in the different countries you’ve worked in? Do you have any anecdotes to tell?

Totally, I’ve lived and travelled abroad and every country has its own way to work and deal with professional issues. In the UK you can be self-employed in less than 5 minutes with just one phone call! Amazing!

12. What do you have left to do to achieve work-life balance?

This is a very good question. I would say… I am still achieving my work-life balance. For example, I had to move from my beautiful hometown Barcelona to London to be able to work on what I love. Nowadays Spain is under a big recession and professions like mine: Cool Hunting are very difficult to perform.

13. Having a Job is… an amazing chance and challenge, and personal fulfillment.

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