Let’s Blossom This Spring

With spring comes the feeling of a new you; organized, healthy, on top of the world you! And why not, spring’s a great time to make a change. We’ve shooed off those winter blues and have waited eagerly for those weekend afternoons with a plate of cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea.

What’s a spring without sunshine, warm weather, and being stuck inside an office? Wait. That last one didn’t sound right. The harsh reality is that we can’t be kids forever; those barefoot afternoons running through sprinklers in our swim costumes are long gone. We’ve made our way to a world of fluorescent lighting, computer screens and keyboards. But it’s not as gloomy as it sounds, or if it is, there are ways to change it.

An early start

springbreakfastjijThe mornings start earlier and the days are longer. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to savour every part of the day. Getting your 8 hours of sleep is important, not only to keep your coffee intake down, but because sleeping helps with memory, metabolism, attention span and, most importantly, your mood. Enjoy your mornings; go to bed an hour earlier and wake up with enough time for a good breakfast. Try some porridge and nuts, or a bowl of Greek yogurt and muesli, or my favorite, whole wheat toast with avocado and a poached egg. Trust me; a good breakfast and a cup of tea is worth waking up for and you’ll be more attentive and productive throughout the workday.

Brighten up your space

Everything is more joyful in the spring; the trees have leaves again, the flowers brighten the city, and the smells, even the smells are better! So why not bring spring inside the office? Go to your local farmer’s market and buy a small plant for your office desk. An easy one: change your desktop photo to something bright, and when you get tired of it, change it again! Tired of that black notebook? Buy a green one, a purple one, or both! Get a wild variety of neon highlighters, pens and rubbers. If you’re serious about taking comfort to the next level, and slipping in a quick shut eye at the office, invest in a desk bed or an Ostrich Pillow for a powernap!


Enjoy the afternoon

When you arrive home, you’ve still got a good hour or two of daylight. Why not go for a walk or take a bike ride? Take a book to a park and lie in the grass. And on those weekend afternoons, kick off your trainers and run barefoot through those sprinklers. Spring is here and we’re going to relish in every minute of it!

Jeannine for JobisJob

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