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Are you proactive and responsible­­? Can you work both in a team environment and individually? How about your communication skills? Can you convey and explain important data to colleagues and users? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, perhaps Database Administration could be a career worth looking into.

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At JobisJob, we’ve highlighted trends, companies hiring, locations and salaries for Database Administrator’s all over the UK. With our trends tool, we can see that the top hiring city for a Database Administrator is London, with almost 2,000 vacancies! In the UK, the average salary for someone working as a Database Administrator is between £20,000 and £40,000… not too bad! With experience, salaries can reach up to almost £60,000 annually.

What is a database?

Most companies use databases to store, well, their data of course. With MS Access and Excel, one can only go so far, but with database systems, data is easily stored, organised and protected. The database also structures the data to be available in varied ways, as well as real time processing, making it easy for a computer program to quickly select necessary data.

As a Database Administrator, what is my responsibility?


Database Administrators are responsible for all data within a company: how the data is processed, managed, organised and stored. Having access to all the companies’ data, Administrators need to fully understand the business of their respective company. Monitoring all data entry procedures, working on troubleshooting, upgrading the database technology, backing up and protecting information and improving the effectiveness of the database tools are all part of a Data Administrator’s day-to-day.

The hard facts

These days, it is always a good idea to have a background in programming; whether it be your full studies or taking a night class here and there. Familiarising yourself with database technologies and operating systems could put you ahead of the game and in front of other applicants. Most companies also require candidates to be knowledgeable of structured query language, UNIX and database management systems.

Those imperative soft skills

Though having previous experience and technical know-how will help in any job situation, Database Administrators also need to have a handful of soft skills. Important soft skills for someone pursuing a career with databases are teamwork and communication. Working closely with other administrators, as well as users and colleagues, communication is vital to deliver important information and making sure staff is knowledgeable about the database systems. Problem solving, analytical skills, working under pressure, meeting deadlines, business awareness and keeping up to date with up and coming technology are also necessary. Handling classified company data, certain trustworthiness and understanding information legislation is obligatory. Keep working on those soft skills, they always seem to triumph!

You have all the information you need to decide if this is the job for you, and with JobisJob you also get an inside look on hiring trends. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and apply!

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