With These 5 Video CVs, You’re Sure to Get That Job

…Or you’ll at least make an impression on the recruiter that will last till the end of time. We’re not talking about that classic video CV, you know that one where you sit in front of the camera and explain your typical CV without polishing it up at all. Right now, video CVs are a current trend and any version that you dare to put into practice will fully classify you for the professional league. But these video CVs have nothing to do with that. I’m referring to little lethal capsules, emotionally-speaking, that have become a social phenomenon. They are circulating around the social networks at whim (they seem to be married to the “Share” button) and provoke empathy in just a few minutes. You’re sure to be able to get ideas from each of these video CVs!

Heads up! All of these video CVs are in Spanish. Half of them have English subtitles, so don’t worry! But we thought it was a cool idea to show you how other countries use their creative minds to land a job. Remember, it’s always a good idea to learn about and share cultures!

I’ll sing it to you

Enzo Vizcaíno invented the “underground curriculum vitae”.  He was looking for work as a journalist, scriptwriter or writer (when you see the video, you won’t be able to stop yourself from putting that last sentence to music) so he took his ukulele and explained it in song through the cars of the Barcelona underground.

His video played almost 900,000 times on YouTube, got results and Enzo found work as a television scriptwriter. And to complete the cycle, he returned to the underground to dedicate a last recital to his fans. By the looks of it, the video’s turning into a new hit!

My grandson is looking for work

I love this video CV: it’s charming although – and I say it with all the affection in the world – it is verging on emotional blackmail. But I acknowledge that the idea is a good one… Where is the rule that says it has to be you who says how wonderful you are? Who could be better guarantees of your reputation, the most lovingly aggressive Sales Directors when it comes to selling your most exportable “self”? David Heredia knew the answer… and his grandparents met expectations!

A film CV

And there’s another formula: the short film CV. If looking for work seems to be becoming “Mission Impossible”, sometimes you have to act the part in order to find it. Víctor Fortes, in a very brief short film, conjures up the ideal scenario where it is almost compulsory to give him a job. And yes… He found work too!


(Condemned Journalist) What is the difference between the work market and a battlefield? That in the first, there is no blood – you might think… Are you sure? This video CV is both a CV and a social criticism. It may seem excessive, some may even tag it as frivolous, but I personally found it poetic, because it graphically shows the state of mind of many people. That’s why, even if you’re a bit apprehensive – it’s worth seeing! Javier Ivànyez lives in Spain, a country where – with unemployment rates amongst young people at over 55% – he is condemned to emigrate in order to find work. He doesn’t want to go so he has created this video CV, linked to the hashtag #periodistacondenado, through which he is asking for help.

A video CV in photos (Yes, you heard me right…)

Maybe when it comes to getting ideas, the previous videos might have put you off because they require production, a script and post-production and at least a minimum knowledge of audio-visuals. All right. But you won’t resist this next one. It looks like a video, but it’s made from photographs and it’s completely homemade in 3 hours without any financial outlay.

Click here to see our interview with Cristina Castro, who made it, and get to know more about this original and effective video CV. She was flooded with job offers!

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