Keeping up with Productivity

Summer productivityRemember when we were kids and the words “summer holidays” brought us an indescribable joy? We knew what was ahead of us for the next few months; afternoons at the pool, cold lemonade and watermelon, a fridge always stocked with ice cream. These days it’s a little different, there’s still the watermelon, the weekends lounging at the pool, and that deadline to meet by Thursday morning.

Summer makes us happy people, the clouds have made way for the sun to shine and every free moment is spent somewhere outside in a park. But with the warm weather comes the heat, fatigue, maybe a bit of stress and of course, a good dose of distraction.

Keeping up with productivity

How can we stay productive this summer without burning out?

summer productivity

Make the best of your mornings. Lately the sun has been waking me up at precisely 6:23 every morning. Instead of hitting the snooze button, I’ve taken advantage of my natural alarm clock. Mornings are wonderful; they are cool, a perfect time for a quick walk or jog outside, (we all know that exercise releases endorphins and make us happier people, it also prepares us mentally for a productive day ahead!), have a healthy breakfast, read the newspaper by the window and enjoy the quiet before the scramble of the day.

summer productivitySo you’re stuck at a desk five days a week. Don’t worry; we’re all in this together. Creating weekly goals helps keeps us focused each day; we’re less likely to be distracted when we have a task list in front of us. Don’t fret if you’re inside most of the day, bring the outside in! Summer is the perfect time to buy little potted plants. They’re at every corner store and quite inexpensive. Buy one or two, or three or four and keep your desk lively. Try a cactus, they’re low maintenance, take up very little space and come in some pretty cool varieties. A desktop change every now and then could brighten your mood thus boosting your productivity!

Summertime productivity

summer productivityTake frequent breaks. You’ve heard this one before. Why not find a park bench or even step just outside the office and soak up some Vitamin D? Taking a few deep breaths of fresh air gives you a whole new mind set for when you’re ready to get back to work. And guess what, taking breaks is scientifically proven to boost our productivity. A study by Science Daily showed that groups who take 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes are much more likely to continue strong throughout the day on a lengthy task or project.

From our own experience we know that after sitting in front of a computer screen for hours makes it easier for us to lose the pace and be more susceptible to distractions.

summer productivityPlan a holiday. We need breaks. We need breaks from work, from deadlines, from sitting in front of a screen, from looking at our mobiles. Holidays are best when they’re spent far, far away from home. Leave your work behind; they’re real party poopers on the beach. At the start of each year, make it a goal to take a big holiday, save up and plan that dream trip. Humans value experience and moments more than a bigger pay check.

Don’t fret, there’s still time for those lazy weekend mornings and evenings outside with a glass of wine. And hey, on the bright side, being in the office during the midst of the hottest part of the day isn’t so bad with air conditioning and your cactus.

How do you stay productive during the summertime? If you have any tips to share with us please leave a comment below!

Jeannine for JobisJob

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