Before Accepting a Job Offer, Ask Yourself a Few Questions

before accepting a job offer

You’ve been searching for a while, sending out CVs and cover letters, sitting in interviews and waiting patiently for the news. Your hard work and perseverance paid off because you were offered the job, congratulations! But before you pop open the champagne, there are still a few things to consider. A job is a commitment, a long term relationship that you’re better of researching thoroughly before giving the thumbs up.

Consider this, question that

Take an afternoon to go over the pros and cons of the job offer. Go over every nook and cranny to make sure that this job is the best one for you.

Are you currently employed? Chances are you’re unhappy with your current job if you’ve been looking for new opportunities, but comparing your two options is always a good idea. Ask yourself: what does the new position offer that your current position lacks? Is there more opportunity to grow in the new position?

What about you? Is the position in tune with your values and future goals? In these tough economic times, it’s easy to take your first offer and it may seem irresponsible to wait around for another, but by accepting your first offer, you immediately eliminate other opportunities. If the job doesn’t meet your career goals, don’t take it. If you don’t see yourself growing or advancing your career, leave the offer and keep searching.

What about salary? Does it match up against your daily tasks and responsibilities? Before accepting a new job, make sure you know what your day will look like and make sure you’ll be awarded accurately. This leads to our next point, your skills.

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is: will my skills and talents be used? Working in a job where you aren’t using what you’re good at is miserable. Not only will you dread going to work every day, but you won’t grow. Having a career is all about growing, about getting better, cultivating new experiences and always moving forward to a better tomorrow. Employees who are satisfied and motived are the ones who use their talents and expertise every day.

working with colleaguesWhat’s the office environment like? Have you met your manager or supervisor? Your colleagues? Though it may seem minute, every little factor in your work life will affect your job performance and how you feel when doing your job. Are these colleagues the kind that motivate and inspire you? Or are they the sort that thinks only for themselves to get ahead? Remember, you’ll be working in this office, with these co-workers under the supervision of that manager, make sure you get along!

How will this job affect your lifestyle? Will you need to relocate? If so, what’s your new city like? Could you picture yourself living there? Have you checked out the cost of living; the flat rates, groceries and entertainment? If the company is in your city, what’s the commute like? What about your family? How will the new position affect your life outside of work? Yes, these are little details but it’s not only about the job, it’s also about how the job will change your life.

In the end, go with your gut feeling. Your instincts are sometimes your best bet. If you’re positive vibes are buzzing and there’s little uncertainty and hesitation in your mind, and if you feel that your new job will allow you to grow and bloom as a person, both professionally and personally, then go forth and start that new adventure!

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