Your Dream Job: The Expectation vs the Reality

On television, doctors are glamorous, they have scandalous love affairs and they are oh so McDreamy. The detectives fight crime; catch the bad guys in creepy city alley ways and save the day, all in time to catch their daughter’s ballet recital. And the politicians, well, they do a whole lot of things that we’d rather not know about, but still, it’s exciting.

Here’s the truth: real life and real jobs aren’t anything like what we see on television. So instead of being illusioned by fiction, we’d like to bring you back to the real world.

The Architect. Though she may create a masterpiece like the Lourve, be the next Frank Gehry or fill the skyline with a giant gherkin; she’ll most likely have to deal with clients like Derek Zoolander more often than she’d like.


The Broker. Beautiful women, money, yachts and more money. It sounds like a dream. But most Brokers’ never make it to Wall Street, not to mention catapult employees onto Velcro walls.


The Coach. We dream of leading our team to winning the Super Bowl, World Cup or the Olympics. Rarely do we dream of whistling at a team of clumsy 6 years olds chasing a ball up and down the field.


The Lawyer: The only truths we can’t handle are the amount of hours lawyers put in a week and the enormous pile of documents that they’ll never get through.


The Reporter. Living on the edge with danger at every turn and keeping the world informed, sounds kind of like a superhero. It’s no wonder this guy’s gotta squeeze in a nap whenever and wherever he can.


The Teacher. He’s a role model, his students admire and respect him, arriving to class promptly and ready to learn. But then suddenly the bell rings and he wakes up, drool all over his lesson plans.


The Writer. He dreams about faraway lands, leads an adventurous life filled exotic cultures and mystical tales, at least, in his poetry.


The World Superstar. They know your name wherever you go and you can’t even get your Starbucks double mocha frappe without fans grovelling the floor you walk on. And for the last gig, you were too busy signing autographs to be bothered to learn the dance routine.

World Superstar copy

Reality bites. But hey, at least we’ve got our dreams to comfort us.

Jeannine for JobisJob

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