5 Tools on JobisJob That You Should Be Using for Your Job Search

JobisJob is a job search engine for job adverts. The job adverts are, of course, online ones, i.e. adverts that were either posted directly on JobisJob or, as in most cases, ones that were placed with one of our partners, who are well-known job boards. Some of our JobisJob UK partners are listed here.

The practical thing about JobisJob is that the website, as a search engine, lists a summary of job adverts, thereby giving job seekers a quick overview of vacant positions linked to a particular keyword. In addition, JobisJob offers some great tools, making it easier to find that job of your dreams. Here are 5 JobisJob tools that are guaranteed to make your job search easier.

5 JobisJob Tools You Should Be Using


  • Help

If you’re a little confused on how to begin your search, or if you have questions about using JobisJob or about the Jobmails, then the ‘Help’ link; located to the bottom left in the footer of the website, provides answers to frequently asked questions.

You will also find an explanatory video and our contact information. We promise to answer any inquires within 48 hours.


  • App for iOS and Android

More and more people are using smartphones when looking for jobs. According to JobisJob figures, in 2014 mobile traffic on smartphones made up 34% of all traffic on the UK website. To make it even easier to search for jobs, JobisJob has therefore also made its services available to mobile users via the JobisJob app for iOS and Android.


  • Questions about your job search

Do you have a tricky question about job searching or job applications? Why not ask us for advice? We’ll always respond to your E-mail and if it’s a common question, we’ll create a blog post about it! Personal information is, of course, treated confidentially.

Questions about the Job Search JobisJob

  • Trends

JobisJobs carries a large percentage of all online job adverts published in the UK and offers insights into the job trends of the last 12 months. In the Job trends section, the number of job adverts relating to a particular keyword and/or location can be analysed and trends relating to companies, job titles and contract types can be examined.

JobisJob Trends

  • My jobs

The ‘My jobs’ area makes job seeking and the application process easier and offers access to your search profiles and Alerts. The ‘My Jobs’ and ‘My searches’ functions are available to everyone, even without a user account. Saved, read and blocked job adverts are shown here and previous search profiles are listed. We also have a new section, ‘Recommended Jobs’, under this tab you’ll find all the offers that match your profile, according to your social media profile and your Alerts in JobisJob.

my shortlist jobisjob

If you have a registered user account you can also manage your Jobmails. Jobmails, also known as Alerts, are E-mails with the latest job adverts relating to a particular keyword and/or location. Jobmails can be set up at various places on the JobisJob website. You can unsubscribe from the Jobmails either using the link included in the Jobmail or in the Jobmail area of your user account.

Good luck with your job search! We look forward to receiving your questions and comments via social media or via the ‘Contact’ link on our website.

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