The Mobile Job Search | How Smartphones Are Changing the Way We Find Work

We know technology and mobile phones are changing the way we do things. We know that today, an entire computer system can fit into our pocket or around our wrist. Wherever we are we can catch up on the news, share our photos, download a song, order lunch, buy a flight, book a hotel, order dinner, etc. etc. It’s getting hard to imagine how life was before our smartphone. Though there are controversial views on the dependence we’ve developed on our mobiles, there is one thing we can’t complain about: it’s facilitation to the job search.

JobisJob Mobile Job Search

The job search has transformed drastically over a short period of time. It started with flyers and classified listings and then moved to the World Wide Web with online job boards, job aggregators and social media network sites like LinkedIn, and now, finally, to the mobile device.

The facts

Here at JobisJob, our Big Data team has been tracking the mobile job search evolution; the results were impressive and have helped us fully comprehend the capability (and power) of the mobile job search.

infographic uk market

Job searches from desktop computers and laptops are gradually decreasing while mobile searches are increasing at a rapid pace! Currently 46% of UK JobisJob users are searching from their mobile phone, compared to 28% in 2013. Today, 14% of users search from their tablet. Desktop users have fallen from 63% in 2013 to 41% in 2015.

Check out the full infographic with data from 22 countries worldwide.

This big switch from desktop searches to mobile searches is present around the world! In France, there’s been a 20% drop in desktop job searches from 2013 to 2015 and an 18% increase in mobile phone job searches! In India, mobile phone searches have increased by an incredible 33%! South Africa has also dropped significantly in desktop searches and increased their mobile phone search by 10%! The change is happening, and it’s happening fast!

Why are users making the switch?

Let’s get real. No one is excited about the job search, perhaps at first, but it’s a long process and by job application number 11, we’re tired and we wish there was a better way. Job searching from a mobile device brings the job search to you, we’ve got to face it, it’s the best tool we have and it fits in our back pocket. Is there anything better?

What’s different about the JobisJob mobile app? The mobile app offers everything that the JobisJob site offers, the only difference is, you can take it with you wherever you go! Think of your mobile device as your own personal job finder. He’s working even when you’re not! That’s the cool thing about the app; it gets to know you! From your specific profile, the app finds listings that match your job criteria and when it does, or when a new offer is listed, you’ll receive a push notification right away. You can also save, send and share your favourite jobs.

Don’t wait to get home to start job searching. Download the app now, and let JobisJob do all the work for you. Remember, it’s the smart touch.

Jeannine for JobisJob

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