7 Aspects About Recruiting That Will Make You Look Differently at the Job Search

list_ok HR managers devote merely 6 seconds to CVs as a rule. As part of a case study, the American company TheLadders analysed the decision making of recruiters. The result: HR managers devote merely 6 seconds on average to individual CVs! Specific basic data, such as education and previous jobs, seem to be particularly relevant while reviewing CVs; well-structured CVs are generally rated better than complex CVs. We have already presented the study in a previous blog post.

understanding the recruiting process

list_ok There is no correct answer to interview questions, what matter is your way to answer them. There are interview questions that were already asked countless times and the possible responses are always the same. Here’s where the big opportunities for applicants lie. In the case of annoying interview questions, there is no correct response but what matters is the manner in which you answer the question. If the question unnerves you, the HR manager will most certainly dig deeper. Surprise with an authentic response to a standard question and you will make a lasting positive memory.

list_ok HR managers google applicants. It is not only possible, it is perhaps likely, that an HR manager evaluates applications digitally and simultaneously googles the applicant name. Thus, it is absolutely imperative to make all public profiles in social media impeccable. One single image can be opinion-forming. Your profile photo in the professional networks like Xing or LinkedIn must particularly be professional and authentic. With Photofeeler you may have your profile picture assessed.

list_ok Not all applications are read through. Some companies automatically sort them out. According to Jobscan, 90% of all large companies use Candidate Management Software, to systematically filter CVs. Particularly large companies, with a great number of applications, use Recruitment Software that filters candidates based on pre-determined criteria. You may optimize your CV, so that it is more likely to make it to the next round in an automatic screening.

mobile job searchlist_ok Smartphones are changing recruitment. An increasing number of people use smartphones in place of computers to look for new jobs. User behaviour is changing and companies and HR managers are adapting themselves to it. 21% of job seekers are already searching from a smartphone on our website.

list_ok Only a small percent of companies use Big Data for their HR strategy. Yes, companies are recruiting systematically and strategically. However, a study by LinkedIn Germany and Bitkom research shows that not even 10% of companies use Big Data in the field of employee recruitment.

list_ok Social media has become a definite instrument of employee recruitment. Several companies advertise their vacancies on all communication channels. Facebook and Twitter are thus important platforms to find out about vacant positions.

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