Working for Amazon: Is It a Win-Win Situation?

working for amazonAmazon  was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Seattle (Washington). In 2015, they opened their doors in Mexico, which means, in the words of Juan Carlos García, director of Amazon Mexico, “Amazon’s biggest international launch to date”. There are those who assure us that its arrival in Mexico is just the start of its international expansion around Latin America.


Amazon, with more than 97,000 full-time employees, is a real employment-generating machine. Although the volume of employment vacancies in Mexico is still low-key, due to its recent implementation, forecasts are promising if we take into account the trend in countries where Amazon is already established.

More than 100,000 Christmas jobs in the United States.  Amazon had announced plans to hire more than 100,000 people in the United States over the Christmas period for its 50 customer service centres and 20 logistics centres: 20% more than last year.


There are lots of rumours about working conditions at Amazon. A little more than two months ago, The New York Times published information on a study participated in anonymously by more than 100 employees and/or ex-employees. Amongst the aspects disclosed, the following stand out:

list_ok Internal pacts to avoid dismissals. The employees with the lowest performance are dismissed annually so the workers make pacts to channel positive and negative criticism depending on their interests. There is a tool for this: Anytime Feedback Tool, through which the workers can give their assessment or opinion of another worker anonymously, thus generating a hostile working environment.

list_ok Maximum pressure to the point of exhaustion. Hard and efficient work and long working hours are demanded. The study reported 80-hour working week… There is no middle ground and there doesn’t seem to be any work-life balance either.

list_ok No rest. That means working during the holidays, nights and weekends from home, and reproaches if you are not available at those times.

Although this study caused a huge stir —so much so that Amazon didn’t take long to deny the accusations— there are thousands of  public opinions provided by Amazon workers and ex-employees (with a variety of profiles) on various employment portals.

In general, the highest assessments centre on the areas of payment and benefits and the company culture promoted by Amazon. To the contrary, the lowest scores relate to aspects connected to work-life balance and Management.

*Some of the comments that crop up most that you will like to know about if you want to work for Amazon:

- Very cool work spaces.
- Amount and variety of resources and opportunities.
- Rapid professional growth and learning.
- Achievable targets.
- An atmosphere that favours the development of skills such as the capacity to prioritise, time management and capacity for concentration.

*Some of the negative comments that crop up most that you won’t like so much:

- Difficult work-life balance.
- Not very organised company-employee communication.
- Very high staff turnover.
- Not enough breaks.
- Heavy work load.

Would you like to work at Amazon? What do you think of their work culture?

*Analysis of 100 opinions from Amazon workers and ex-employees at Indeed.

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