Digital Footprint: What do You Leave Behind on the Internet?

Did you know that everything you do on the Internet stays on the Internet? That’s also called our digital footprint and has raised some issues about privacy. Let’s see the effects it can have on your job search.


What does your digital footprint reveal about you?

Since its emergence, Internet has brought us democratization of communications.  Traditional media messages used to be completely controlled by companies. However, nowadays you have the opportunity to express your opinions about them. Play your cards right with Social Networking and the job will come to you. But, be aware of the digital footprint you leave behind.

Recruiters can track your information through social media and take decisions based on your posts before an interview. That includes anything you have said about your last job , the images you uploaded in your profiles and  what you shared about your private life. So you should keep this in mind and check your privacy settings, because it could prevent you from getting hired.

Your digital footprint and your company

Companies are also affected by their own digital footprints. Complaints from your employees can damage the image of your company. Especially when they are writing them in their work hours and your clients and potentials clients can see this information, because they could be peak hours. The best way to prevent this situation is taking care of your relationship with your staff.


On the other hand, you may imagine that your boss won’t be very happy if he finds out you were speaking ill of your work place and the other employees on twitter. So don’t shoot yourself in your foot, use the appropriate channels to communicate your problems and don’t get carried away by the situation. Even if you don’t get fired for that, it will create a toxic workplace and might damage your business relationships.

So, what do you think about the digital footprint? Are you protecting your online reputation?


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One thought on “Digital Footprint: What do You Leave Behind on the Internet?

  1. hitokirihoshi

    You are right about this digital footprint especially about the company. Today before clients buy they know first reviews, scams, and complaints about companies.

    Even on Google, Youtube, and Facebook, they know the items./ keywords you frequently search.

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