6 Christmas Songs for Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Christmas is here again and it’s captivating our five senses. Streets getting filled with lights, mistletoe hanging everywhere and decorations at home are warming the cockles of our hearts. But you can also smell Christmas! And of course…. Listen to it. During these days children sing traditional songs and music surrounds us. However, apart from the traditional Christmas carols many singers have written lovely songs that will rekindle your Christmas Spirit. We have made a list of the best Christmas songs to listen to either at home or at the office!christmas_songs_list

1. The Classic: Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

This famous song became a hit in the 90’s. Since then it has become one of the best known Christmas songs ever and we still love it! This is a song that just can’t miss being on any Christmas songs list.

2. The Voice Of United Kingdom: Susan Boyle – Auld Lang Syne

Susan Boyle became very famous after she won the British TV contest Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. However, her career ended some years ago due to her Asperger syndrome, but in the meantime she has left us with a lot of heart-touching and lovely songs like this one.  Susan’s voice transmits a feeling of peace perfect for these days.

3. Returning to Childhood: CeeLo Green Feat. The Muppets – All I Need Is Love

Christmas always reminds of to our childhood. So, is there any better idea than celebrating it with The Muppets? That’s what Ceelo Green must have thought when he did the video for this Christmas song. Let’s join him and take the liberty of feeling like children again for a while.

4. A Very Glee Christmas Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Although the original version was recorded by Frank Loesser in 1944 for the film Neptune’s Daughter, people from Glee show decided to do this version for the Christmas episode in the second season. They weren’t the only ones who did it. During all these years this hit has been covered by several singers, which has demonstrated that  it is an everlasting song and grants it with a place in our list.

At Christmas love is in the air and a lot of relationships start. This call and response song  shows a couple flirting and one of them trying to convince the other to stay because “it’s cold outside”.

5. Michael Bublé – The Christmas Song

Michael Bublé has an album dedicated to Christmas and among all the traditional songs he covers we wanted to include one written in 1944 by Mel Tormé. It wasn’t an easy choice. Bublé’s is moving and especially with this fully-detailed description of Christmas.  The very essence and magic of Christmas is captured in its lyrics. This is definitively another MUST on the list and since the words “Happy Christmas” are for all of us, so is this song.

6.Train – Shake up Christmas

Although most Christmas songs talk about love stories, peace, wishes and memories. This is also a time for happiness and that’s why we have chosen this enthusiastic song. Train was looking for love, but the one who shares his dream of spreading happiness. The rhythm and energy of this song make you vibrate and fill you with positivity. So, who can resist jumping and dancing when the music plays?

With this last song on our list we wish you a merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy these days! We have gathered all these Christmas songs in our Spotify collaborative playlist. If you are missing any song or would like to include any other, do leave us a comment!

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