Techie Tips for Working from Home

Updated March 17, 2020.

Now we all know that old stereotype, if you work from home you’re actually just going to be sat in PJs catching up on Netflix, or if you’re feeling really productive putting laundry on! However, with more and more companies now allowing employees to work from home and a growing number of freelancers it’s time to shake that stereotype and show that working from home can be just as productive, if not more productive than working in an office.

Techie tips for working from home

Read on to see our tips for effective working, no matter how often you work at home!

Don’t let a slow internet connection ruins your day

So if you’re a freelancer who always works at home, you decided against renting office space to save money, and you’ve managed to put up that IKEA flat pack desk. You know that if your internet is slow or drops out you can lose out on jobs – and you don’t want to do that! Plus you dread trying to have a video call with someone and the connection to keep dropping.

Our Tip: To make sure you’re at your productivity peak, you need fast, reliable broadband and fibre broadband is the best option for this. Once you’re connected you can work without worrying about pages freezing while loading and your call quality will be crystal clear (or if it’s not, at least you can blame their broadband)!

Stay focused

On those days you work from home, sometimes your brain can just suddenly think of lots of different non-work related emails you have to reply to, and before you know it, you’ve been scrolling your Facebook newsfeed for half an hour!

Our Tip: There are plenty of different extensions you can download for Chrome which can either block certain sites or even block the internet for a certain period of time. These can really help discipline your working. Alternatively, if you can use your work laptop, rather than your home one, it can get you more into a “work” frame of mind.

Secure your laptop and stay available

Whether you are moving from place to place (something undesirable in this healthcare context, but it counts as a general rule) or just want some extra security, working from homenever forget this: if someone were to steal your laptop that would be a major issue for your work.

Our Tip: Download some tracking software onto your laptop so you can always know where it is. Also pick up an internet dongle to make use of those long train journeys, even if it’s not the fastest connection ever, it should be enough to reply to emails.

This article was written by Emily Turner, currently working for Broadband Genie, a platform that compares high speed internet providers.

This article was written by Emily Turner, currently working for Broadband Genie, a platform that compares high speed internet providers.

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