Using Talent Development as a Recruitment Strategy

Continually upskilling and developing your team is no small feat. You need to have a great Learning and Development (L&D) strategy in place. Putting one together takes time, but having one in place can help boost productivity and, in turn, your organisation’s output. It is no wonder that, according to the 2019 L&D Report published by, 72% of marketing-leading organisations have taken their L&D strategy even further: they have put it at the heart of their recruitment strategy. Keep reading to find out how your organisation can follow suit and use talent development to recruit.

Why Use Talent Development in Your Recruitment Strategy?

In the world of business, there is more competition and rivalry than ever before. Whatever your organisation does, whoever it gears its products towards, you need to stand out from the crowd; you need to set yourself apart. One great way to do this is to start talent development with your recruits from the very beginning. Doing so can help to ensure that all employees’ skill sets, whether they have been at your organisation for a day or a decade, complement your organisation’s goals as closely as possible.

Doing this can not only help to maximize your company’s output by fine-tuning your employees’ skills from day one, but can also lower staff turnover rates. According to the 2019 L&D Report, organisations that train and develop their employees have a 22% lower turnover rate and a much higher rate of staff satisfaction.

The workforce of tomorrow is not one that wants to stay in stasis. Jobs for life that require only a handful of highly specific skills are few and far between nowadays – and employees are embracing this new normal. Most fresh talent comes to a new role with a good, solid set of hard skills. But now many want to develop and build on their soft skills, as well. Fresh talent all the way through to people with decades of experience are looking to develop and grow in areas like customer service, IT and, above all, soft skills with communication and leadership training. Employees might also want to learn more recreational skills. They might want to take a 101 course in a language, take up yoga or even learn a new skill like knitting. This is why putting L&D at the core of your recruitment strategy can make the very best talent want to apply to your organisation. But just what about L&D motivates employees so much?

Using Talent Development to Appeal to Potential Applicants

Employees want to expand and develop their skills set. Having a diverse skill set not only enhances your career opportunities but can also boost team cohesion and morale as the whole team grows and develops together. Whatever your industry, whoever your target market is, L&D can be beneficial to your entire team.

As there is a constant need and want for professional development, it is unsurprising that a great L&D program can strongly appeal to potential applicants. If your organisation can offer that, then it will be easier for you to attract the top talent that your team needs going into the future. You can start by implementing HR courses within your HR team members who will best ways to approach the best talent. Besides, they will feel the impact of self-development themselves which will be a great example to attract your future employees.

The Highlights

A great L&D strategy is essential for your company, but it is not easy to create one. Creating a great L&D strategy takes time, research and an outstanding grasp of the nature of your organisation and its workings. It is never too late to put one together, nor is there ever a bad time to adapt and develop your L&D strategy. But once you have a great L&D strategy in place, building it into your recruitment strategy will help to attract strong applicants. It should feel natural and built-in, a part of the fabric of the company. After all, when done right, L&D strategies can aid growth and cement your position within your market.

Author: Luke Sandford
Luke is a writer and content producer at Educations Media Group. Currently based in Lund, he is originally from the UK and graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has written for several outlets and worked as an English teacher.

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