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Ensuring Your Side Business Thrives While You Work

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Around 40% of UK workers have a ‘side hustle’ (including their own business), according to research conducted by the Henley Business School, with uncertainty about work, a desire for a better standard of living, and the desire to face new challenges being three key reasons why. Ensuring your business thrives without your ‘standard job’ suffering – and vice versa – can be a big challenge, but getting the balance right isn’t a matter of intuition or chance. Rather, it involves creating a strict business strategy you follow to the letter, without wavering from what is probably your ultimate goal: being your own boss, 24/7.

What are the Elements of Business Growth?

The key elements of most business growth strategies include leadership (vision, knowledge, risk taking), marketing (connecting with your audience via social media and branding), sales, tech (relying on the right people to solve technical glitches), and support (having a team that attends to clients quickly and efficiently). All these elements are far easier to run smoothly when your business is a full-time occupation. However, when you only have part of the day to dedicate yourself to each department, time management is key.

Ensuring Your Side Business Thrives While You Work

Building Your Plan

For each key element of your strategy, goals and time limits should be set. For instance, if you are selling your services as a writer, legal professional, or accountant, set reasonable goals for areas like marketing and social media. How many followers do you have on Instagram and Twitter, for instance? How many do your competitors have? What number can you set as a goal and how many weeks or months will you give yourself to achieve it?

Branding is another area that should be broken down into components with time limits for each task. Your brand should connect with your target audience via the right logo, website content, and social media channels. Technical knowledge is another problem. Try to think of what might be standing in the way of a smooth customer experience. Is your website mobile compatible? Does your page take too long to load? You can tackle many problems yourself. However, when you are truly stuck, don’t waste valuable time trying to solve a problem that needs technical knowledge. Rely on trusted professionals when you are stuck in a rut.

Take Calculated Risks

Growing as a business involves stepping outside your comfort zone frequently. As stated by Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, fear causes you to overestimate risk. However, the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary life, lies precisely in your willingness to embrace change. Calculated risks are not based simply on ‘gut instinct’. T

hey involve researching into possible losses, having a “Plan B”, and seeking advice from valued mentors. Request feedback from trusted entrepreneurs and be especially open when they point out possible flaws or mistakes. When you take risks, check periodically that they are bearing fruit. If something isn’t working, change your strategy to minimize loss.

Validate Your Idea

There are many ways that business ideas can be validated, one of which involves developing an MVP (minimum viable product) and seeing your target audience’s reaction to it. If it’s an app, for instance, test your MVP on investors, mentors, and your target audience. Ask for feedback so as to tweak any existing glitches. Conduct keyword searches with WordStream or Moz Keyword Explorer, to find out the existing supply for the demand your product is meant to fulfill. Ensure your business offers greater value than your competitors, and make a social media schedule, using various media to share awareness about your product.

Products like Hootsuite (which allows you to programme your social media uploads days in advance) exist to help you save time. However, this and other tools only work if you set a schedule for them that you stick to – even on days on which you feel tired after a full day at work.

By defining key tasks, setting goals and time limits, taking risks, and obtaining feedback, you can grow at a steady pace, staying motivated until the day you can dedicate all of your time to your true passion.

By Cassandra McNulty

How to Prepare College Students for a Career

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Careers Key

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Students in colleges aspire to pass their courses and graduate, then afterwards to find their
dream job, travel, have adventures and eventually settle down for a happy life. The reality,
however, is far less direct than this statement would imply. You are likely to meet college
graduates who have not managed to find the job they have desired for a long time and others
that have completely changed their careers, losing years as they relaunch in a different sector.
The main cause is insufficient career preparation while they are in school.

Both the student and professors have the responsibility to prepare the graduates to know how to
find a job after college. Today we want to look at what can really help you regarding career
planning for college students. Learn more here about getting the most out of your education. You
have the potential to find the best jobs on the market that you can even enjoy if you prepare

Here are the five good tips to follow when building your career plan:

1. Participate in Work-Based Learning:

Most Universities have the option of working for professors or with associates in industry, either
as summer jobs or throughout the academic year. These experiences can really help you later
when writing resumes/CVs for your field. These positions enable students to make a living while
completing their education. This caters not just to your finances, but also to your future goals!
If you can, avoid minimum-wage, low-skill jobs as a student. They won’t help you on your
resume in 10 years!

Avoid being misused just because you have not graduated yet. To build experience for the
career you want, you need to find jobs related to your major and job goal while you are in
school. An example is if you are studying to become a tech developer, you should start by
getting a job in a computer store with software related services. The exposure makes you stand
out when you graduate from college.

2. Expand Your Knowledge:

There are many subjects and courses offered in colleges. Many students choose what they
want to be and disregard the rest. When you want to know how to choose a career, keeping
away from other subjects in college is risky. You will need them in the future after graduation,
they always give you insight. It is better to pay attention and seek new knowledge rather than
discarding any academic opportunity.

Prospective employers will gladly take you if you have knowledge in a wider range of
interrelated fields they may need in their companies. For instance, if you are planning to
become a software developer, it is ideal to learn how to develop websites as well.

3. Find and Participate in Job Shadowing Positions:

Job Shadow Program_13

Source: Flickr – Author: Port of San Diego – Title: Job Shadow Program – CC 2.0

Job shadowing is when you visit a business to observe how they run. You can see the
responsibilities of one more job positions of a real business in any field of study you are
interested in. You will learn the basics of a job, the challenges, and the potential. The time you
can have to learn this depends on how long the business owners are willing to welcome you.
Job shadowing allows you to make a sound decision as to what career you should settle for.
When you know what a real job in the business world is like, you will have a better idea of how
to find a job after college.

4. Be Wise with Internships:

The internships help the students get hands-on experience with a real job while they are still
advancing towards graduation. However, some students don’t get the opportunity to intern at a
place that actually helps them with their career goals. It is sad to acknowledge that companies
may take you for an internship and offer you a job that is outside your career plan.
If this happens, you need to make changes. Find something that will help you with your career preparation.
Even if it means that you have to work long hours, it is better. An instant assignment help service (UK)
can help you write your assignments while you get your hands on the career you are aspiring towards.

5. Stay Updated:

Are you able to discuss the latest developments in the industry of your choice? In the effort to
innovate, new technology, discoveries and methods tend to play a significant role in most
business. For any graduate to land a job that fulfills their desires, they need to ensure that they’re
up-to-date with all the aspects in their industry.
Current college students are privy to all the big new tech trends and innovation. Older
employees out there understand industry developments, but are often a bit outdated in tech and
research. Learning to stand out from the majority of graduates is a primary goal in your career
Instead of relying just on the knowledge you get from your lectures and textbooks, you need to
take time to learn about the industry trends in your career path. Universities have professional
journals released every month for various industry subjects. You need to read as much as
possible and discuss this knowledge with your professors and colleagues to get ahead with your
career preparation!

Author: Michelle Lambert

Mums and Dads Getting Back to the Workforce

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We have received the following question from a reader and thought that the topic would be interesting for mums and dads that have taken time off from their careers to stay home with their kids and are now trying to re-enter the workforce.

“I used to work for a telecommunications company; I started in the early ninety’s, when mobile communication was just beginning to become more available to the public. It was an exciting time and everything was changing. I was good at my job and one of the few women on the team. I worked with the same company from 1991 until 1999, taking maternity leave when I had my first child. A year and a half later, I had my second child and decided to stay at home and care for my children. Recently I’ve been applying to jobs and even landed a couple of interviews, but not one bite. Recruiters look at my CV and then wonder what I’ve been doing for the past 16 years. Do I tell recruiters I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, turning down my chance to make it up the corporate ladder? How do I get back out there?”

Mums and Dads Getting Back to the Workforce after taking time out

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4 Ways to Revamp Yourself (and Your Career)

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revamp yourself

You’ve revamped your kitchen, your dining room and maybe even your garden. You may think of the word revamp as a chore, something that takes time, effort, and probably quite a bit of money. But have you ever thought of revamping the most important part of your life? Have you ever thought of revamping yourself?

Think about your life; family, friends, your city and your career? Are you happy? If you’re not happy, what is something you can do to be happy? Your well-being is more important than anything else, and if the reason for your unhappiness is your job, then it’s time to change.

Summer is almost here and what better way than to reflect in some place warm and wonderful? Here are 4 great ways to start the revamping process to a new and improved you. (And don’t worry; the self-revamping process is not like the kitchen revamp or living room makeover. This is something we look forward to and something that’ll change our lives for the better.)

4 steps to revamping yourself and your career

Reflect. Visit a peaceful place, a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Leave your mobile at home but bring an empty notebook and pen. Reflect on your past, what made you unhappy in your previous job and what you’d like to change for the future. What interests you? What are your skills? Could you turn them into a career? Write these thoughts down and begin to think about how you can achieve these goals.

revamp yourself jobisjob

A goal. Go somewhere where you feel inspired. We all need goals to keep us motivated and on track. Write down your ultimate goals, both career and personal. Write down the steps you need to take to arrive at your goal. If you’d like to make a big career change, note skills you need to learn or courses and additional training that will help you along the way.

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Career stories: Clara De Nadal, journalist & Cool Hunter

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Clara De Nadal is a Journalist, Cool Hunter and Founder and CEO of www.muymia.com. She not only works, but makes a living doing what she really loves.  The secret? Find out by reading this interview!

1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Has this influenced what you do now?

When I was a kid I wanted to be everything, just like now. I’ve always liked writing, but Clara-De-Nadal-Trias-muymia-by-Carles-Roig-Photographermy mum was the one to help me choose Journalism as my major, because at that time I wanted to be an actress. Haha… In fact, I’ve studied in the Cinema Studies Center of Catalonia. I’ve always been a very creative and curious person; I love fashion and travelling, so in the end, I discovered I was born to be a fashion Journalist and Cool Hunter.

2. What do you actually do at work? Explain a regular day.

Nowadays I am self-employed in London. I work as a Fashion Editor for national and international magazines and online media weekly publishing my own articles about fashion, trends and lifestyle. I also do Cool Hunting projects for agencies and I collaborate with many brands and fashion companies from all over the world.

In 2011 I started my own project: a trend site with smart content about, fashion, trends, lifestyle, interviews, catwalk and events as well as travel and foodie sections!

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