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Creative CVs: Tips for Creative Applications

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In some sectors, creative CVs and original job applications are neither common nor desirable. If you’re looking for a job within a creative industry like advertising, communication, design, within a start-up or a company with a creative department, then an original CV will set you apart from the rest!

Thinking (and creating) outside the box

Creative CVs are best prepared with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Though there are other tools to use, these programs may limit your imagination and the result may be unprofessional. If you need inspiration, you’ll find amazing CVs on websites such as behance.net or dribble.com, like this stunning example by Pernille Posselt from Denmark:


Don’t have the Adobe Creative Suite? No problem, you can find free demo versions and tutorials on the internet. You’ll probably need some time to fiddle about and find your way around the program before creating graphic elements and original layouts. Jonny Evans has created a design template (Designer’s Resume Template) for these cases – and it can be downloaded for free. Thanks Jonny! Important tip for the Adobe programs: Be sure to use guides!

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