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6 reasons why you should hire a woman

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In honor of Women’s Day. Intended to be taken with a pinch of salt, the writer respects both sexes with the conviction that the main differences depend on the person.

reasons to hire a womanSome men compare women to Google because they say that we’ve already provided answers before the question has even been finished. The most daring men say they don’t need Google at all – their wives know all the answers.

It’s great that they’re able to make jokes out of a reality that could otherwise be hurtful to them: just like the popular search engine, we have a fabulous capacity for reaction; we adapt to multiple environments; and we can perform several functions simultaneously (and yes, we also remember everything down to the last word – and that’s not a threat ).

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Hiring trends for teachers in the UK (white paper)

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This document aims to answer the following question: which city is the best place for teachers to look for work in the UK? Information has been taken from research into the quantity of job offers for teachers in various cities in the JobisJob database – for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can download the teacher hiring trends PDF here.

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