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All You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies

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Remember in primary school when you had a crush? You wouldn’t tell the boy you liked him, instead you’d ask your friend to ask him if he was interested. She’d maybe slip your name into conversation or you would have her pass him a note decorated with purple hearts. Well, recruitment agencies kind of work in the same way. They are an intermediary between a company looking to fill an empty position and a job seeker looking to find the perfect fit.

How do recruitment agencies work?

For any company, the hiring process is a long and tiresome one, often costing the employer a great deal of time and money. In most cases, companies use an external recruiter, a recruitment agency.

using a recruitment agency

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Recruitment agencies work with a vast number of employers within all fields and job types. When a position in an organisation opens up, the position details and descriptions are sent to the recruitment agency. The recruitment agency looks through its database of job seekers and selects the candidates that best fit the job title. Agencies that have close relationships with organisations are also able to identify candidates that fit the company environment. Once the selection process has been completed, the agency notifies candidates to set up an interview with the hiring company.

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