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The Top Sectors Around the World

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Take a look at the top 3 sectors worldwide. 

Where are you living right now? Are you bracing the wind in Cape Town? Enduring the heat in Paris or London? Preparing for a long anticipated spring in Peru? Wherever you are, we’ve got your labour market insights covered. By knowing who’s hiring and where, you’ll be a smarter and more informed job searcher.

Using our JobisJob big data and new tool, Job Market Insights, we’ve extracted inside information about the top three hiring sectors in each one of our 22 countries worldwide.

Top Sectors English JobisJob

Top sectors: What does this mean for you?

By knowing who’s hiring, you’ll know where to apply. The job search is a long and tiresome task and if there’s a way to make it easier, we’ll pass it along to you.

Let’s say you live somewhere in the UK. Right now in the UK, the IT-Telecomm, Engineering and Finance sectors are hiring like crazy. But what if you don’t have the skills or experience it takes to land one of those jobs? Not to worry. Companies, even big tech giants like Apple and Google need candidates who aren’t 100% tech savvy! Communication, writing, and creative skills are also needed in these fields. Don’t be deterred too easily, your talents and experience will be received with open arms.

Knowing which sectors are hiring, now you can check out specific companies, job titles and salaries! Using our trends tool, you’ll have an overhead view of all that’s happening in the labour market!