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Infographic | 2014 UK Labour Market Trends

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We’re always trying to look forward, but looking back at labour trends can help us prepare for the future. 2015 is well on its way and if you’re job searching, it’s a good idea to check out this infographic, which illustrates the top hiring trends of 2014. To see the infographic as a PDF, click the image or click here.

UK_Hotspots Search Trends Infographic

Top trends overview

  • The Greater London area advertised the most jobs
  • The top 3 most popular job listings were in IT-Telecomm, Engineering and Finance sectors.
  • The most frequent salary range was from £0 – £20,000
  • 44.55% of advertised jobs were for a Permanent position

The 2015 Job Search Hotspots Infographic has all you need to know to make 2015 a better and brighter year! If you’re curious on seeing more trends, click here.

With These 5 Video CVs, You’re Sure to Get That Job

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…Or you’ll at least make an impression on the recruiter that will last till the end of time. We’re not talking about that classic video CV, you know that one where you sit in front of the camera and explain your typical CV without polishing it up at all. Right now, video CVs are a current trend and any version that you dare to put into practice will fully classify you for the professional league. But these video CVs have nothing to do with that. I’m referring to little lethal capsules, emotionally-speaking, that have become a social phenomenon. They are circulating around the social networks at whim (they seem to be married to the “Share” button) and provoke empathy in just a few minutes. You’re sure to be able to get ideas from each of these video CVs!

Heads up! All of these video CVs are in Spanish. Half of them have English subtitles, so don’t worry! But we thought it was a cool idea to show you how other countries use their creative minds to land a job. Remember, it’s always a good idea to learn about and share cultures!

I’ll sing it to you

Enzo Vizcaíno invented the “underground curriculum vitae”.  He was looking for work as a journalist, scriptwriter or writer (when you see the video, you won’t be able to stop yourself from putting that last sentence to music) so he took his ukulele and explained it in song through the cars of the Barcelona underground.

Infographic: Are mobile devices the key to the job hunt?

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According to our latest infographic, it seems that the job hunt is in fact, going mobile. Here we compare the evolution of online job searches from smartphones, tablets and computers in the 22 countries JobisJob operates.

Not only are job seekers using their smartphones as job searching tools, but recruiters as well. Companies are searching for potential employees using mobile applications and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter.

Are you going mobile?

To view the infographic in more detail, click on the image or click HERE.

infographic mobile search trends 2014

Interested in reading this article in Spanish? Click here. 

Trending: Database Administrator

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Are you proactive and responsible­­? Can you work both in a team environment and individually? How about your communication skills? Can you convey and explain important data to colleagues and users? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, perhaps Database Administration could be a career worth looking into.

business man engineer in data center server room

At JobisJob, we’ve highlighted trends, companies hiring, locations and salaries for Database Administrator’s all over the UK. With our trends tool, we can see that the top hiring city for a Database Administrator is London, with almost 2,000 vacancies! In the UK, the average salary for someone working as a Database Administrator is between £20,000 and £40,000… not too bad! With experience, salaries can reach up to almost £60,000 annually.

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8 Unusual yet well-paid jobs

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See it to believe it: discover some of the strangest and best-paid jobs.

Unusual_oddSurely you were told at school that if you wanted to be happy and not have to understand what it meant to “make ends meet on your wages”, then you’d have to work hard to become an excellent businessman, lawyer or doctor. They weren’t wrong – but the good news is that they weren’t completely right either! There’s life beyond those careers – and it’s surprising too! There are some jobs that respond to a cry for help from a demanding labour market and others that arise spontaneously because of some whim in technological progress or the changing economy. They all share in common that they are different and well-paid! Had you heard of any of these?

Jobs that you’ll find hard to believe exist

1. Happiness Director. Companies have decided to invest in contentment and, therefore, we are coming across more and more Happiness Directors in HR Depts. Their mission could not be more obvious: motivating you to be happy at work. If you’re happy, the company accounts are too! Celia Pronto, Director of Marketing & e-Commerce for the Ford Retail Group has seen for herself that “Happy workers equal satisfied clients and profits for the company”. That’s a good reason to invest in it, don’t you think?

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