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8 Unusual yet well-paid jobs

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See it to believe it: discover some of the strangest and best-paid jobs.

Unusual_oddSurely you were told at school that if you wanted to be happy and not have to understand what it meant to “make ends meet on your wages”, then you’d have to work hard to become an excellent businessman, lawyer or doctor. They weren’t wrong – but the good news is that they weren’t completely right either! There’s life beyond those careers – and it’s surprising too! There are some jobs that respond to a cry for help from a demanding labour market and others that arise spontaneously because of some whim in technological progress or the changing economy. They all share in common that they are different and well-paid! Had you heard of any of these?

Jobs that you’ll find hard to believe exist

1. Happiness Director. Companies have decided to invest in contentment and, therefore, we are coming across more and more Happiness Directors in HR Depts. Their mission could not be more obvious: motivating you to be happy at work. If you’re happy, the company accounts are too! Celia Pronto, Director of Marketing & e-Commerce for the Ford Retail Group has seen for herself that “Happy workers equal satisfied clients and profits for the company”. That’s a good reason to invest in it, don’t you think?

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