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A recent increase in the number of holidaymakers taking cruise holidays has resulted in a parallel rise in the number of jobs in the industry. Many of these positions, such as bar staff, pursers and retail staff, are located on board ship. On the other hand, many more positions can be found onshore, including those in sales, administration and terminal management
Working on a cruise ship can be a wonderful way to meet new people and see parts of the world that many Britons never get to see. Professionals such as chefs can earn between £2,000 and £3,000 per month, as well as receiving extra benefits such as free accommodation
Onshore, many sales representative positions are currently available. While many of these positions are office-based, some jobs are available working from home. Positions selling cruise holidays tend to start at around £15,000 to £20,000 for those who are office-based. However, positions offering up to £35,000 including sales commission are also regularly advertised.


Professionals who work on Cruise ships are expected to spend a lot of time at sea. They have to be tolerant and not be troubled by seasickness. As a cruise ship carries thousands of people, and spends weeks out in the ocean, workers performs many different tasks to keep their passengers happy, entertained and relaxed.
You will find anything from restaurants, gyms, swimming pool, bars, shops, casinos, and spas and salons on a Cruise. The various workers on a cruise ship include pursers, deck officers, ship captain, engineering officers, bar, hospitality, restaurant and hotel staff; plus many more that directly help the ship function. A cruise ship is a floating hotel; and therefore the services offered are very diverse.
A Cruise worker usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Doing repair work
• Cleaning rooms and compartments
• Preparing and serving food and beverage
• Handling finances of the ship
• Solving guests problems
• Entertaining passengers


• Being able to live and work on a ship
• Being able to work long hours
• Being adaptable and efficient
• Being friendly and respectful
• Being able to speak several languages
• Being able to cope and handle stress
• Being able to communicate efficiently
• Being able to work as a part of a team
• Information technology and diligence
• Being discrete and honest


Because a Cruise ship offers diverse services, the qualifications are going to be just as extensive. The Doctors, nurses and health staff will need medical qualification. The engineering, captain and deck officers will need technical qualification. The entertainment staff, singers, and dancers will be also appropriately qualified.
Experience is also helpful when working on a Cruise ship. The positions are specialists’ types and employers tend to prefer staff that will take as little time to assimilate. Workers should be over 21 years and responsible adults.

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