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Working as a travel consultant is a great job for those with an interest in travel and the world at large. Roles vary from one travel agency to another, with some specialising in package deals from holiday tour brochures, whilst others concentrate on booking long haul flights. There is an element of specialist training and all operatives have to be able to use the industry standard travel booking programmes. As a result, any applicant for travel consultancy positions needs to be up to speed and comfortable with diverse computer operations
This is a customer service industry, so a personable character and the ability to communicate clearly are aspects well received by travel consultant employers. A consultant ideally knows something about the locations the client is asking about, and some flight booking organisations ask for some reference as to which parts of the world an applicant has visited. The typical salary as a starter in the travel business is £18,000 with a team leader drawing a higher rate of £22,000 pa.


Promoting and recommending various travel destinations is the responsibility of a Travel Consultant. They also book flights, hotel rooms and arrange other travel plans for their clients. They have extensive knowledge about various countries geography, weather, history, language and customs.
Travel Consultants are extremely busy during holiday seasons such as Christmas. They will typically work longer hours during peak travel seasons such as summer and winter. During this time, they will assist their clients in getting the best travel, hotel and car rental rates. They will also be able to advise their customers about the requisite vaccinations they will need to travel.
A Travel Consultant usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Networking with tour operators
•  Providing travel information to clients
•  Managing customer issues
•  Displaying promotional material
•  Preparing quotations
•  Booking hotel rooms
•  Distributing travel itinerary


• Being amicable and approachable
• Being professional and assertive
• Being bilingual or multilingual
• Being detail oriented
• Stress management
• Project management
• Comprehensive industry knowledge
• Customer service
• Computer knowledge
• Interpersonal relationships
• Meeting deadlines
• Networking
• Negotiating
• Oral and written communication


Persons can use basic qualifications to enter the role of a Travel Consultant. Certifications such as:
•    BTEC
•    GCSEs (A
•    A levels
•    NVQ/SVQ
•    City and Guild
Studying areas such as Tourism, Travel Management, Geography, Business, Management, Hospitality, and Public Relations are also helpful. Attending a four year college provides the opportunity for students to cover core information that will help them become successful
Travel Consultants*.
Some employers offer Apprentice programs for interested job seekers. During this process, they are able to learn the rudimentary skills and interesting travel information about different countries. As, junior Travel Agents they are then able to decide whether they would like to continue with their careers and study Travel and Tourism courses further.

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