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Work in the airline industry is often considered among the most glamorous and exciting professions in the UK. The reality is somewhat different, but the range of careers offered by the industry is rewarding and stimulating. Of course, the most competitive positions available are those as pilots. However, many more people forge careers as ticketing agents, analysts, or by working in flight operations
Airline ticketing agents generally work for a travel agency, ensuring that itineraries and tickets are produced on time. With at least one year’s experience, those working in this position should earn at least £15,000. This position offers the opportunity to become familiar with ticketing systems such as Amadeus, as well as BSP and ticketing procedures
On the other hand, those with a financial background might be interested in a career as an airline analyst. Working in this position requires the analyst to monitor developments in the industry, enabling them to forecast future revenues. This is a high-pressure position, enabling those with an investment bank background to earn in the region of £75,000.


An Airline Professional typically works on a plane or at an airport. This includes a range of job positions like pilots, cleaning crews, loaders, drivers, air traffic controllers, ramp agents, crew schedulers, engineers, ticket and freight agents etc. The salaries, job opportunities and benefits within this industry are very rewarding.
The Airline industry is very competitive and workers are expected to be very diligent and offer very good customer service. These professionals handle everything from booking tickets, checking luggage, cleaning airplanes and ensuring the planes are in perfect condition for flight.
An Airline professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Serving food and drink
• Informing potential passengers of flight information
• Examining passenger boarding passes
• Collecting passenger luggage
• Fuelling planes
• Servicing planes


• Being disciplined and level headed
• Being industrious and efficient
• Being observant and diligent
• Being professional and punctual
• Being respectful and assertive
• Communication and listening
• Literacy and numeracy
• Motivation and time management
• Multitasking and teamwork
• Stress management and discretion
• Understanding job responsibility


As this is a very diverse industry the job qualifications will vary. Airline Professionals are expected to have relevant certification for the jobs that they perform. At the most basic level high school diplomas or GCSEs in Math and English and other subjects are expected.
Applicable study areas will include:
•    Leisure and Tourism
•    Airline and Aviation Management
•    Travel
•    Information Technology
•    Engineering
•    Hospitality

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